Belief Hope & Faith

One does not go

To a restaurant

And pick & choose

A religion from the menu

What religion one likes

After “trying out

And testing it”

It doesn’t suit one’s “needs”

One goes to the “next one”

“Hoping” against hope

It will fuel one’s needs



Prayers may be answered

Or may fall on “Deaf Ears”

One has nothing to fear

if one believes & has Faith

In spite of that do not

Abandon one’s “Zarathushti Din”

By saying; “Sayonara

Fini ,aurevoir, adios

AufWiedersehen ”


Zoroastrianism doesn’t

Force one to go to

Fire Temples to pray

Or listen to sermons

Every Sunday

Or sit in a confession box


“Forgive me Dasturji

For I have sinned”

He has no authority

To pardon any one’s sin

That’s where one’s

Conscience kicks in


One is the

Master of one’s fate

And captain of one’s soul

What one reaps in this world

That’s what one will sow.


As life slowly starts

To ebb away

We realize there’s

No turning back

That’s when the

“Light Bulb goes on


“Wish I had lead

My life a different way!”

Farida Bam




















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  • Marazban N Zaiwalla

    Very true but how orthodoxs shall be absorbing the said thoughts. The way out is only self meditation with one father Soul 🌸 🌷 🌺 🌻 OM Shanti 🌷 🌺 🌻 🌸

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