We made a

Big Hoopla

When the

Cyrus Cylinder

Was showcased

A tiny little

Earthen cylinder

But on it was inscribed

A very  simple
But a potent

Powerful electrifying message

No matter how educated

Talented rich or cool

One believes one is

How one treats people

Ultimately tells all

As Integrity is everything!

We may be of

Any colour caste or creed

By “flashing one’s credit card”

Doesn’t secure one a “Seat”

He cares not for the

Earthly wealth one holds

But how many “Plus Points”

In one’s Gareban one holds

Last but not the least:
Never Judge someone by

The opinion of others

This brings me to the conclusion

(if I may repeat):

Rumours are spread by Haters

Spread by Fools

Accepted by Idiots


— Farida Bam

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