Yazdi Tantra – Global VP WZCC – Tour to USA

The need to connect is an overwhelming need for life itself. Personal, Social and Commercial connections enhance the very meaning of our being. More so, when our tiny community is thinly spread across the world, and, perhaps, losing its connections. Today there are probably more Zarathushtis living outside of India than in India. Our future as a community is interlinked with how well we remain connected and be of support to each other.

Yazdi is a firm believer that the internet will help unite the far-flung Zoroastrian community across the globe and towards that end, Yazdi has developed several Zoroastrian Websites. His talk will be a brief overview of these websites and how each one of us can utilize these websites to our advantage. It is about how we can revive our connections, go back to our roots, in terms of religion and culture, our institutions and also how to connect to the globally thriving, living diaspora across the world for personal, social and professional connections. Building upon the omnipotent power of the Internet, let us explore the possibilities and opportunities to make it possible for ourselves and also for our future generations.

Yazdi TantraYazdi Tantra is a Chartered Accountant by training, Computer Consultant by Profession, Entrepreneur Developer by hobby and Trainer in his leisure time. Yazdi writes a regular weekly column for Parsi Times, Mumbai, and a fortnightly column for MoneyLife on Android apps for efficiency at the workplace. He is currently Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the IT Committee of Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd. He is also the Global Vice President and Technical Chair of World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce. He runs a medium-sized Computer Company ON-LYNE for the last 24 years, developing websites, portals, payment gateways, sales and service of computer hardware.

Below is a brief itinerary of his talks during his US tour:

13 Oct., 2017
– Houston
Websites for Zoroastrians Worldwide & their Impact on the Current Zoroastrian Activities on Social Media Click for Program
15 Oct., 2017
– New York
Annual Erach Munshi Udvada Fundraiser and Memorial Lecture Click for Details
17 Oct., 2017
– Chicago
A Global vision for Zarathushti Worldwide Hosted by Roshan & Rohinton Rivetna
21 Oct., 2017 – Sunnyvale The Need To Connect, and How We Can Do It! Click for Details
22 Oct., 2017
– Los Angeles
How to make & revive our connections with other Zoroastrians worldwide through the Internet Click for Details
Edul Daver – WZCC Global President

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