There are “tiny islands”

Scattered in the middle

Of a vast deep blue ocean

As one explores each of them

Sure to stop by an

“Island” in the sun

Called: Zoroastrianism

As one steps off the boat

To explore the “island”

A  big sign seems to read:

“To live on this island
All one needs is

Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds

Clear of Racism Discrimination Bigotry
Asho Zarathushtra the primary resident

Seems to say:

“No one is forced to

Go to Fire Temples to pray

Or listens to sermons every Sunday

Or sit in a confession box


“Forgive me Dasturji

For I have sinned”

Asho Zarathushtra replies:

“He has no authority

To pardon any sin

That’s where one’s
Conscience kicks in”


I have discovered a
Secret treasure

More precious than

Silver & Gold

Hidden among the

Dotted “islands”

“Island of Zoroastrianism”

In my heart I’ll ever hold
There is one True Friend

Which I have grown

To love & trust

A pure shining jewel

Diamond  in the rough.







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