Power”as well “Ego”

Go hand in hand

As one can’t do

Without the other



Respect Tolerance Understanding

Treating everyone with Dignity

We may differ in colour caste or creed

But nobody is inferior or superior

‘Cause we are on the same playing field


Some humans have the “Power`

As well drunk in Ego

To subjugate & dominate

When  Death arrives at the door step

One has to “welcome” it in

It does not differentiate.

Between the rich poor or the pauper

That’s when these humans

Become meek as lambs

‘Cause there is “No Return”

The realization sets in that

They have “been had”

No amount of Prayers

Are going set them free

They should have

Thought about it

When they were on

Power & Ego “spree


Looking back they

May whisper:

“Wish we could have done

Things  differently

Making lives easier for Humanity

Offering Peace & Prosperity

As well  Understanding Tolerance

Including  Dignity”


Farida Bamji

One comment

  • Attitude to Inspire

    No matter who you are,what you look like or what you share with the world.

    there will always be someone who doesn’t approve of you.

    You are who you are & you’re enough. It isn’t your job to conform to their idea

    of what constitutes a “worthwhile” human being

    Instead of focusing on all of the people who don’t approve of you,take sometime

    Today to remind yourself of all the people who do appreciate & accept you.

    They are the people who matter.

    To them, you matter .

    Let go of the rest

    By David Kopke

    Reply to Farida Bamji’s comment

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