• Superb clip of Bharucha Baug. Brought back beautiful memories of my years growing up there. It will always have a special place in my heart. Also, thank you for sharing the history of the baug.

  • Thank you for preserving and sharing Parsi history, Yazdi. Great and humor filled captions too !

  • Thanks Shiruy n Percy Davar for this beautiful clip but I don’t agree where it is mentioned QUOTE Making Bharucha Baug a safe and secure place to live in and actively participating in various activities for the welfare of the baug UNQUOTE especially for senior citizens aged 95 because they can’t sit out nor stand near the window because our future cricketer stars (who play in the evening) keep breaking the glass and also hurting the face. Their parents don’t have the decency to replace the glasses and answer rudely supporting their sons. In your next video please put their names and photos and give them trophies. Thanks, Behroze Mehta

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