Women Power ( Parsee Women fighting for Equality)

Leadership is not aggression

 Leadership is the expectation

That you can use your voice for good.

That you can make the world a better place- Sheryl Sandberg


Some priest pride themselves

Of being a “Pure Breed”

A Zoroastrian well versed

In Zoroastrian Scriptures

As well ceremonies

But, the basic Pristine

Message is Respect

Tolerance  as well Equality.

Regardless of colour Caste or Creed


Why are our Zoroastrian women

Treated like out caste

Having married outside

The  religion?

When they approach

The Pearly Gates

Question won`t be

Asked whether one

Was a practicing



Do not be bound

Or fear the edict

Use your own

Power of Reasoning

As they do not have

The authority to Fence

You in


They cannot put

You in chains

or shackles on

Your feet

‘Cause Zoroastrianism

Preaches us that

Reward comes to those

Who practice Good Thoughts

Good Words Deeds


Question their authority

Don’t let them deny

One”s the Freedom

To be a practicing Zarthoshti

Including wearing of Sadra & Kusti\

Even though you are marries to

A Non Zoroastrian


If I may put my two cents in

In all this where does  NAMC fit in?

They should be able to

Do something

Instead of sitting around

Let Zoroastrianism be

A Vanishing Breed


When life starts to ebb away

As the  poor soul is preparing

For Judgement Day

As it patiently awaits  it’s fate

There is nobody to welcome

Or guard the gate

Thats when the gavel come dowm

Alas! for  Egoistic Priests it’s too late




Nov 6th 2017










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