Education & Ignorance

If you think education is expensive wait until you see how much ignorance cost” President Barack Obama

We are all awash

In the ocean of Ignorance

Where it concerns

Our Religion

Activate one’s

Vohu Mano

As the answer

Lies “within”


Following somedody blindly

Is not doing anyone any good

That’s why Zoroastrianism

Is knee deep in quick sand

Sinking faster than it should


Educate oneself as to

What is the Pristine Message

Think,pause & chill

One will realize one’s fatal mistake

When arrives at the Pearly Gates


We have No dos or any don’ts

But, just a very simple message:

Zoroastrianism is Universal

Preaches Equality Tolerance

Respect Understanding

Lead one’s accordingly

That will give one a “Very Safe Passage”


Choicest Happiness








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