Zarathushtis in North America: A FEZANA Perspective

At the end of 2017 FEZANA participated in the Iranshah Udvada Utsav in Udvada, Gujarat, India. As part of the Utsav program FEZANA showcased its activities through this video presentation.

We are happy to share this with you all. The short video provides a very small glimpse of the hundreds of activities, projects and events our 26 member associations and 14 small groups do right through the year and having been doing for decades.

Do share with others and on social media to increase awareness about us….the Zarathushtis of North America !

One comment

  • Had a misfortune of viewing the Fezana video – as the visuals with titles went on, I was compelled to believe that it’s these kinds of activities with lots of fluff and no true religious substance, as shown in the video, propagated by the so-called mobeds, who are frankly, nothing more but wolves in sheepskin, who are bent upon having our pure Zarathushti religion and our true Parsee identity go to hell in a hand-basket. What a shame!! Even worse, the gullible Parsee community at large here in NA, who I bet, were never raised by their own parents to know the true Zarathushti values and rituals, are now dragged into believing that our ancient religion needs to be reformed in the contemporary world that we live in – what a hogwash! Those who are in this pretentious and evil camp can learn a great deal from people of different faiths, such as Hinduism and Judaism to name a couple, who have been steadfast in practicing most, if not all of their traditions and religious practices of centuries gone by.

    May Ahura Mazda instill some sense in the majority of today’s Parsee community around the world, who are nothing more than misguided souls appearing to redeem themselves as Zarathushtis. Beware, some of the high profiled Parsees, a number of mobeds and even one or two Dasturs, who shall remain nameless, but the orthodox Parsees around the world know who they are – you may accumulate all the riches and fame with your deceptive and dirty work of supporting this reform cult, but after your last breath on this earth, you will have to answer your Maker and that will be too late.

    Message to Fezana – loud acknowledgements for your leadership and your build-up of useful resources to-date, not to mention your impressive communication channels – only if your organization could take a step back, do nothing, but provide a platform for the other side (the true side, at least from my standpoint) as well, to stand tall and share with your audience, the true tenets of our religion as per our Prophet Zarathushtra’s teachings and the various rituals that were whole heartedly practiced in the year’s gone by. Provide your audience with a balanced communication. Our younger generation do not have a clue on ‘the what and the why’ of our age old established religious laws and practices. Keeping our children and grandchildren ignorant of their past heritage from purely, a religious standpoint, then surely becomes a very questionable practice.

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