With Divine help
Moses “Parted the Red Sea”

So also Nature
Will part the
Winter dark clouds

Give way to Spring

With white wooly clouds

As well blue skies

And the beautiful

Golden rays of
Phoebe shining through.

Nowrooz will come

Nowrooz will go

But the stupid ignorant

Mentality of some

Will never go

Adhering to some

Principles of

Total Purity

Since we are

Welcoming the

Season of Spring

It’s high time one
“Changed one’s sheets”


Please do not

Screw up our Religion

With the bigoted message

That Zoroastrianism

Is an Only for “Pure Zarathushtis

Cause its Pristine Message

Teaches Universality with

No strings attached

Kindly shed the mantle of

Racism Discrimination & Bigotry

If one wants to

Hang on

To this stupid  ideology

And roil & muddy  the religion

With Impure messages

Then Practice

It amongst yourselves

As for the rest of us

Unchain the shackles

That bind us

As we want to live

Live & Breathe FREE!!


Happy Nowrooz

Farida Bam


  • Dear Farida Bam,
    Thank you for your COURAGE to voice what 99% of Zoroastrians & Parsis feel. Who are you/we to deny somebody’s SPIRITUAL interest in following the Religion of their choice. Religion is not an object to be coveted & held in the dark for the privileged few to practice & enjoy. We Zoroastrians neither force nor discourage the teachings of Zoroaster. They are a universal Blessing for all those that wish to partake.
    I am truly Blessed to be a Zoroastrian. I am PROUD & feel PRIVILEGED to be a Zoroastrian. But I am NO BETTER than any other. I am……..just a Zoroastrian & very proud of it…..
    Noshir Hansotia.

    • Dear Noshir

      Hope you had a very happy Navroz. Thank you for your feed back. If more Zoroastrians had a Spine & Courage to stand as well Speak up the Bigoted Message then things would certainly Change. Look at the Me Too movement. The kids holding rallys regarding guns. What are we doing? Nothing . Behaving like “Mary’s Lamb
      No amount of Congreses & Conferences is going to help. These are “Watering Holes
      for socialization.

      Need I say more???

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