On Thurday the   22nd on BBC

There was a documentary

On Female Revolution\

In a way it certainly implies
Our very own women

Who are born as Zoroastrians

Vesuvius in Aug 24 79 AD

And in 1669 11th of March
Mount Etna on11th
Leveled the cities  of
Pompeii as well Catania

Will Zoroastrianism meet

Meet the same  fate

Blanketing Zoroastrianism
With  Racism Segregation

Discrimination & Bigotry

This beautiful Religion

Spear headed by Asho Zarathushtra

Tis the beautiful

Season of Spring

Windows have been

Flung open to let

Fresh air in

Drapes have been

Pull back so are the blinds

Please do not

Fence us in

Once the food
The fun music

Fades away

Are we going

To change our ways

Or go down

The same pathway?

Screw the religion

Even more

As though it has

Hasn’t been
Tried before

Do you all realize

There is no

Schedule to follow?

No confessions or

Attending lectures

Every Sunday ?

Nor dos or don’ts

Lead your life your way



I can almost hear

Asho Zarathushtra


” If you want to

Come into my life

The door is open

If you want to

Get out of my life

The door is open

Just one request”

Don’t stand in the door

You’re blocking the traffic”

Nobody seems to be

Doing anything about it

Since “they” are so full of it

Flanked by their “Cashew Corterie”

If only the funding for
Different projects came

To a halt

Would some of you do

The “Bunny Hop”?

Take the hand outs away

That’s the only way

They will sit up

And notice

We can make the

Our religion Zoroastrianism

Great Again!!

Choicest Happiness









  • Hello Farida,
    I do agree with you.
    My query to all these so-called self-proclaimed protectors of our religion is “If you believe in your religion showing you the right path to God, how can you stop someone from following it, to reach God?”. A simplistic approach.

  • All I can say: You have to do it yourself & not rely on anyone else. We do not need these so called Protectors of the Faith. Pray by yourself near a Divo & that’s one needs
    Self Help is the best

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