Meaning of Sadra

What is the meaning of the word ‘Sadra’ and why is it so called? Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia explains:

• The word sadra or sudreh is derived from two Persian words sud “beneficial” and reh/rah “path”. Thus, sudreh means “a beneficial path”.

• The sadra is the road map that leads a Zoroastrian towards his duties and obligations of life. These duties and obligations are:
i. To be good
ii. To be responsible
iii. To be mindful of the two forces – good and evil – and work towards increasing the former and decreasing the latter.
iv. To be mindful of the two worlds – the physical and spiritual.
v. To look after the three main creations – plants, animals and minerals.

• These duties are symbolically enshrined in the nine seams (called saandhas in Gujarati) which make up the sadra – 1 gireban, 1 girdo, 2 sleeves, 2 sides and 3 tiris.

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  • Ushta
    With due respect don’t mean to be sarcastic but in spite of wearing the Pure White Sadra symbol of Zoroastrianism how many people practice Racism discrimination Bigotry & Segregation? which are antithesis of our religion?
    Choicest Happimess

    Any takers?

  • Hoshedar Mehta

    My personal take on our Sudra is that the main garment is made out of one piece of material signifying we have one life, there is a front and a rear, signifying future and past and there is a hole in the middle through which we stick out our neck signifying that we consciously put it on to be in the present and act accordingly.
    We accept that we have a past and using those experiences and learning from it we make a conscious decision to live the present so that we might look forward to a bright and prosperous future.

    • Every Zoroastrian should have on his person the sacred Sadra and Kasti at all times . It is our greatest protection and guide. Feel very sad when Parsi brides in the name of fashion on one of the most important day of their life , modify it in such a form as to negate its importance whilst giving much attention to other superficial appendages. It is like discarding the real diamond for paste ones.

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