People throughout history have taken pride in their ancestral roots, but new studies of migrations of people into Europe and elsewhere are showing that no one’s heritage is “pure”

One example of the racial purity concept is that of people so famous for touting their “racial purity” and being the “master race”— Ancient Origins


If one believes that one

Is of Pure Aryan race

With Zoroastrian Blood

Running through our veins

Think again!!!


Hundred of years ago

When our ancestors  fled Persia

How was the migration charted?

By what route they come?

What was it

By land “air” or sea?

‘Cause this is

Very puzzling to me

If only those who

Still  believe in pure blood

Take a DNA test

Research their family tree

And solve the mystery

Put the “mystery at rest.


Zoroastrianism hasn’t

Put us in a “straight jacket”

Given us the freedom

Of thoughts words deeds

One can soar

As high as one wants

‘Cause sky is the limit


My only  beef is with

People preventing

Others from practicing

Their faith

As though they

Are guardians of our faith

I hate to bust the bubble

Do not be disappointed

O! “Pure Blooded” when

One is  denied Entry

Through the “Heavenly Gates”


Please don’t take

Dictates from others

As to what one

Can or cannot do

As the life starts to ebb

TheFinal decision rest


Please don’t take

Dictates from others

As to what one

Can or cannot do

As the life starts to ebb

The onus lies

Solely with you


Choicest Happiness















  • Betty Brittain 2

    Thank you for your thoughts and your wisdom! Create and master yourself, your thoughts, words, and deeds.

    Be true to the light within yourself.

    Best Regards,

    B. J. Brittain


    • well written. the thought is that we are all human, where is humanity being shown when putting barriers for non-zoroastrians. zoroastrian thought and philosophy is for ALL MANKIND. the religion started after his death, same as
      islam or christainity.
      let us wake-up to the truth, as every religion has and will evolve. No one religion should exclude outsiders based on birth-rite. zoaraster’s followers or apostles did not follow what we follow today.
      kindly reflect, let your conscience be your guide, and act truthfully, and not under peer pressure as to how you will be labelled.
      amen and tandarosti

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