Urgent Medical Help Required

Ladies and Gentlemen,  This boy is a Young Practicing Ervad at our Bandra Agiary. He is currently in ICU at Bhatia hospital. The below message is an appeal from his parents.
Any help for the young Ervad is welcome.

Our son Malcolm, aged 20, is in a very critical stage on ventilator at Bhatia Hospital, in an isolated ICU unit. He has been diagnosed with blood cancer. His WBC, PLATELET COUNTS, HEARTBEATS etc have dropped drastically.
Dr has said that approx cost wd be Rs.60000/- per day. The 3 lakhs mediclaim coverage is also exhausted by now. It is my earnest request to please help and donate as much as you can, either in cash or cheque in the name of Darayus Hozdar or by Bank transfer or personally handing over the donations to Ms Pervin Langrana, at D3- Flat No.82, Bharucha Baug, Andheri West (mobile 9819173501)
Bank account dtls :-
Bank of India
BKC Branch
IFSC code :- BKID0000122
Name : Darayus Hozdar
Branch code : 000122
Maharukh and Darayus Hozdar, D2-53, Bharucha Baug Andheri West.


Update : 22 July

Very sad news. Bharucha Baug’s 20 years old Malcolm Hozdar expired today early at 2:30 am. Paidust at 9 am today morning. May his soul RIP in Dadaar Ahura Mazda’s garothman behest. Sincere condolences to family and friends.


  • Yezdi do tell them to approach wzotrust funds in India, through Dinshaw Tamboly, We at FEZANA welfare work through them and they have other resources that will help also.

    Love and good thoughts, Hosi


  • Dear Darayus and Maharukh,

    May Ahura Mazda help you cope with your son’s situation. Some funds have been transferred into your Bank of India account – it would take around 24 hrs for you to access it. Once again, our best wishes and prayers are with you in these trying times.

    Best Regards,
    Ervad Jal Dastur and family

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