Eminent Parsi botanists

The Marathi Vigyan Parishad has brought out a booklet titled 100 Botanists (in Marathi) listing the achievements of Indian botanists of eminence who have contributed substantially for the advancement of knowledge.

Among these 100, figure six Parsi botanists.

Prof F. R. Bharucha, director, Institute of Science, Bombay and pioneer ecologist of India;

Prof Jamshedji Chenoy, economic botanist and plant physiologist at the Indian Agriculture  Research Institute, Delhi and later at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad;

Dr Ardeshir Damania, currently at the University of California, Davis. His research speciality  is genetic resources;

Prof Rustomji Dastur is best known for his path-breaking research on cotton crops;

Dr Nariman Irani of St Xavier’s College Bombay figures for his noteworthy work on flora;

Dr V. M. Meher-Homji, research director at the French Institute of Scientific Research and honorary dean, School of Ecology, Pondicherry University, for his research on forests and distribution of species.                           


Parsiana – 21-Jul-2018


  • Most fascinating!

  • Dear Yazdi,

    Reference the subject post carried by the Zoroastrian.net,

    may I request you to draw the attention of the Marathi Vigyan Parishad that they have over looked a
    very eminent senior Parsi Botanist and family friend, Dr. Assana, who was one of the earliest Parsi research botanist at the Indian
    Agricultural Research Institute of India, even before it moved from Patna to New Delhi in 1936.

    After retirement Dr, Assana had settled down in Valsad on Thithal Rd, where I met him before he passed off not so long ago.
    To not include his name amongst the 100 would be demeaning his lifetimes research.

    I wonder if someone from the Delhi Parsi Anjuman has also taken up the matter to get its once eminent resident recognized and correct the records to include his amongst the 100 or now, 101 Indian Botanist.

    Not so long ago Parsiana had carried an interesting article about his life story and achievements.

    I am travelling hence do not have the information readily available to write to the Parishad.

    Let us not now forget the outstanding contributions of those brilliant Parsis from the recent past.

    Trust you and or the DPA shall bring this glaring to the attention of the Parishad.


    Best wishes


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