Beliefs don’t make you a better person. Behaviour does!

Dear Dasturjis:

You believe that

That most you

Are true Zoroastrians

As well as Blue Blooded

Nobody is Pure

Or blue blooded as

We are all “contaminated”.


You are Dasturs of

The Zoroastrian Community

Well versed in Holy Scriptures

As well as rituals

Praying in front

Of the Holy Fire

But,all you have

Done so far

Stoked the sentiments

Of Racism Discrimination

Segregation Bigotry

Higher & higher


From me you

Get no respect

‘Cause to expect

Respect one

Has to one it


You will not receive

Special Treatment

Just because one’s priest

As well a Zoroastrian

When one’s soul

Arrives at the

Pearly Gates

Your soul

Will have wait it’s turn

Whether it will be free

Or it will burn.


Step down from

Your pedestal

Start making amends

Have a spine

Lead the community

Before Zoroastrianism

Meets it’s end

Choicest Happiness






15 thoughts on “ODE TO THE DASTURJIS 2”

  1. An absolutely true picture of what our dasturs today are doing to our miniscule community. We behdins as well as even people from the dasturs family should raise out voices against this racism

  2. First of all, are you all addressing these to the Dastoors or to the Mobeds?
    May be to both!
    First, examine your own study level of our Religion. Then you can properly comment on behaviours of Mobeds & Dasturjies.
    Not all is wrong with them; something is lacking in us too.
    Therefore, first study the subject before commenting, to be able to give an informed reply on religious matters.

    1. I am addressing to the Dasturs who have stoked the sentiments of Racism Discrimnation Bigotry. Why don’t u Roosi question them?

  3. According to our old scripture Din Dastoor and komna AKABARO will ruin our Great Religion That is what happening .
    Pak Dadar Ahuramazad save us /bless us

  4. It’s need a collective effort to right the wrong. Staying silent is stoking & encouraging anti zoroastrian sentiments

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