• What about J N Petit Technical High School, in Pune

  • Strange that I cannot register as I do not have a mobile number!

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  • Armin Dutia Motashaw

    May Ahura, it’s founder bless, with His blessings best.
    IT has helped thousands of girls, pass life’s test.

  • Jeroo Maudawalla (oomrigar)

    Avabai Petit gave me a strong foundation. Today I am proud of my achievements. I studied at the time when in spite of being an orphanage it never distinguished between the day scholars and boarders. It was my home and the Principal and teachers our parents. God Bless the Petit family.

  • It is to my knowledge that even non-Parsi families prefer to get admitted their daughters in a Parsi school. Avabai Petit School has maintained its standards high, always, throughout.
    Keep it up & all the best in the endeavour to educate the girl-child of Mumbai — educate in the real sense of the word.

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