• No, No, No. The Parsee General Hospital should be left for use solely for our community.
    It’s a disgrace to even think to make it a cosmopolitan hospital.

    • Yes please. Ensuring that the existing facilities at the PGH continue to “be left for use solely for our (Parsi) Community” and the existing facilities for our community members are improved/enhanced. Further, no part of the property should be given away to any non-Parsi organisation.
      In it’s intrinsic form, the suggestion is very noble. God bless the donors.

      • Yes please. Ensuring that the existing facilities at the PGH continue to “be left for use solely for our (Parsi) Community” and the existing facilities for our community members are improved/enhanced. Further, no part of the property should be given away to any non-Parsi organisation.
        In it’s intrinsic form, the suggestion is very noble. God bless the donors.
        Medioma Bhada

      • Roshan Meher Bharucha

        Yes the thought that all facilities like scan n MRI can be done at the same place is very good. People who are objecting have you ever had your loved taken to n for to Breachcandy Hospital for such test .Yes let the old building be only for parsis.


      Have u ever donated to parsee hospital for POOR patients.
      This is petit hospital & it’s their decision. U keep out of it.

    • You haven’t got the correct facts. Only the new constructed hospital will be for cosmopolitan patients. The profits will help the poor Parsee patients. The original hospital will continue for Parsees.

    • Capt R.J.Khambatta

      If its going to be a seperate building n independently run, it would benifit our PGH corpus for further innovations

      • Zoroastrians are not pure as driven snow. Do not forget that it was a Hindu King Jadav Rana who took us in & gave us refuge. Just because one is a Zoroastrian is got a free ticket to the Pearly Gates, It’s how one leads one’s life according to Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds that will get you to “Heaven”

    • True we parsi should protect our people, property and religion

    • If we continue to bury our head in the sand and refuse to see the problem, we will not only lose the hospital, but also lose the entire property to some builder. Do you really want that?

    • Dinshaw Bhiwandiwalla

      Bombay Parsi Panchayat should enrol all Parsis on the group Mediclaim policy and Parsi General Hospital should offer cashless facilities. Hereby the hospital will get paid for all the patients and No One will be considered Free.

    • Yes.

    • Making it cosmopolitan will bring in more money and expertise. We can hv a special ward for those from very high stratan who will pay. This in turn will help in giving free or very low cost treatment to the Parsis

    • Dear Mr. Kherawala. Have you read the clarification about the whole project proposal given by the President of the PGH? Where do you get the idea that the EXISTING PGH will NOT be for exclusive use by the Parsi community? The terms of the deal clearly state that title to land, buildings, etc. will always remain with the PGH! Only the NEW wing (which will occupy only 6% of the PGH grounds), will be secular.

      Given that the existing facility is running at a LOSS of crores of rupees annually, it is only a matter of time that it will have to be wound up in any case. Unless of course people like you are contributing crores every year for its upkeep!

      The community is getting a BENEFIT of 22.5 US $! Let us not go down in history as the stupidest of communites in the country!

    • Dear Cyrus this is 2018 and not 1519.
      It is a disgrace that we Parsees still have dinosaurs like you, Khaneejet, Bhada, Baria,Sheriar and Engineer etc. Go back to Iran and see how they treat Zoroastrians.
      How much have all of you helped or donated for Parsees?
      Mr. Homa Petit knows what he is doing and his past is only been to advance us.
      Chaye Hume Zarthostri,
      Satya Mev Jajate
      Jaya Hind.

  • Finally the a Parsees have come to their senses.

    • Parsis owe their lives to the Non Zoroastrians as it was the Hindu King Jadav Rana who gave us refuge.

      • We are a sect of convenience. When it suits us, we become pure and exclusive, and when it suits us we become secular. In today’s world we have to think progressive and have an entrepreneurial mindset like the Vania’s and the Sindhis. See how these two communities have progressed and where our blessed community is at the moment???
        If we do not think in a progressive manner, then we will turn inti a regressive tribe, and live in the glory of our past(Baap dada) with no strength of our present and our future.
        We should stop having a crab mentality and come together in building the welfare of our community.

      • 👍🏼

    • We have turned ourselves into a non-thinking, cloistered herd…

  • mehelli bomanbehram

    If one understands the financial complexity of running this huge charity organisation one would not put such a question to debate

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  • Yes. I think the community shall benefit both financially and commercially. It’s better than allowing the place to rot.

  • Farzan Neville Irani

    Yes the community will definitely benefit rather converting to a ghost house

  • Vistasp Rustom BARIA.


    • Rashna D Sukheswalla

      Sir, may I respectfully suggest that you revisit the facts? The PGH WILL remain exclusively for Parsees; however, the cosmopolitan hospital that will be built on the grounds of the PGH will be for non-Parsees. Revenues generated from that hospital will help to subsidize/fund treatment for Parsees that require it.

      May I also respectfully state that Mr. & Mrs. Shroff are indeed donating to save PGH, but in a way that funds will remain sustainable. If they were to donate the funds solely for the PGH, once those funds run out – they run out! By building another fee-generating, cosmopolitan hospital on the PGH grounds, charitable funds for the PGH will remain stable, and thus benefit Parsees.

      It is a wonderful concept that all Parsi doctors would give free services to the hospital & the community; however, it may be more idealistic than realistic. Doctors do need to earn – as we all do! Some, to cover their many years of medical tuition; others, to provide for their families. If our name is charity, then charity begins at home … and we must be altruistic enough to allow doctors to earn, no? I do hope you take my comments in the spirit in which they were intended, and perhaps you may reconsider your stance.


    surely not. you do not realise how sick parsis feel if they are with other faith.
    This is the time they think of parsi panu most.
    please do not disturb the existing system.
    I have witnessed how old people kiss the hand of another parsi who helps them or ask for their favourite fruit. They share a small prayer too. please leave t
    his culture and di nit change.

    • Oh my God …. You live in India with so many people of different Faiths and you can still talk like this????? Shocking!!!!

    • Do you know how a poor person, dying all alone feels??? Mother Teresa cared for all and any! Amen!

      • Sorry, above comment was meant for Meher Bhivandivalla

      • Based on our Parsi Panu, we shud think of getting Parsi nurses, Parsi lady caretakers and Parsi ward boys for our old sick patients of PGH, who likes to associate only with Parsees during their sickness.
        When it suits us we bring the Parsi element of exclusivity. When it does not suit us, we turn a blind eye.
        Lets think progressivly with an entrepreneurial mindset. This is my humble request to all. If not, the day is not far off, whereby PGH will have to shutter down, due to lack of funds. That time we will have no options but to use a cosmopolitan hospital. Therefore the options given by a Philanthropist, is a much better option for our entire community.
        I have equal affinity towards our community,but at the moment I am thinking with a practical hat, without being emotional.

      • Adil G.
        Enlightens us how does a poor person, dying all alone feel?
        Have you read about Mother Theresa was she really a saint?

  • No it’s unethical

  • Yes-Ofcourse. Such opportunities do not come often. We can’t be foolish and let go of this opportunity and generous donation and co-ordinated efforts of all concerned.

  • The Old two wings plus the old people’s wing can remain for Parsibut if funds have been given to develop a new facility and that is the wish of the donor then we should go ahead and make it a specialised so that it contains a mass influx of people ahd destroys the sanctity of the grounds and the peace and quiet patients deserve

  • Our community is dwindling, so wake up to that. There is no disgrace in allowing it to be cosmopolitan.

  • Absolute No No Blackmail from Donors

  • Yes, it should be opened to cosmopolitan and the profits generated from the Cosmopolitan users should be used to make hospital treatment totally free for all parsis. Also the present building should be reserved only for Paris. For the Cosmopolitan patients a separate building should be built. However all staff, doctors, nursing etc. Should be common.

  • Perform or perish is the Mantra. Parsis with the declining population amongst other reasons have not been able to single handedly maintain the hospital. It would be judicious to allow construction of a separate hospital building and continue to maintain our identity. The position of the parsis now is not as it used to be in the past. Parsis should stop squabbling and on the contrary welcome such great souls/people who have come to rescue our community.

  • I was under the impression that the BPP had cleared this project. Why then is this question cropping up periodically?

  • Should be just to maintain the Old Wing n keep that ofcourse exclusively for Parsees.

  • May I humbly suggest that people read the clarification issued by Mr Homa Petit and published in Parsi Times, before they vote.

  • Once it is cosmopolised, for ever we will not able to change or reverse.Think before 100 times for doing such work before it becomes late.God bless us all

  • Once it is cosmopolised, for ever we will not able to change or reverse.Think before 100 times for doing such work before it becomes late.God bless us all

  • Our community has some of the brightest legal minds let those people decide about the fate of the case. Community is not fully aware of the matter. Voting Yes/No will not bring result, this is my sincere opinion.

  • Dr. Vispi H. Jokhi

    Yes this is only way forward. The charitable operations cannot be sustained in the present way of functioning. Even so in the present arrangement Parsee General Hospital will continue to function and get the benefit of the advantage of the modern technology that the new facility will bring.

  • We must go for the change. It is a wise decision.

  • Yes we can utilize excess land and use the same money for subsided medical facilities for Zoroastrians otherwise things may keep on getting worse also I am sure if you do a survey the results would be surprising that a lot of people have stopped going to the Parsi gen hospital

  • The B. D. Petit Parsi Gen. Hospital has served the Parsee Community for all these years very wonderfully. Facilities not with it are all available at very nearby other Hospitals. It has worked wonderfully well all these years & will go on for a long time.
    Not at all necessary to bring non- Parsi patients on to our properties. Mumbai has more than enough number of hospitals for all. Concentrate on needs of Parsi patients only.
    Respected donors please note.

  • After reading the Clarification about this issue from BPP, I vote that we should go ahead with accepting the Shroff family donation and build the new hospital on Parsee General Hospital property.
    I would urge all to read the ClarificationAfter reading the Clarification about this issue from BPP, I vote that we should go ahead with accepting the Shroff family donation and build the new hospital on Parsee General Hospital property.
    I would urge all to read the Clarification.
    Maneck Bhujwala
    from the Bombay Parsee Panchayat.
    Maneck Bhujwala

    • Sorry about the above misalignment of words in the last statement of the posted comment. It was supposed to be “I would urge all to read the Clarification from the Bombay Parsee Panchayat”
      Maneck Bhujwala

  • Most certainly. A very wise decision. I have always hoped that someone should get this idea and take it forward. Good bless the donors.

  • It will remain for the commu it Cyrus. Please think. Who says it will not be for us. The Petits have served this community for centuries. How can the institution make profit if everyone only takes.

  • In the early days of my professional involvement in the infectious waste management movement in India, seeing the unused land around PGH, I had suggested building a hospital for cosmopolitan use way back in the late 1990s to Dr Nissar Siddiqui, the erstwhile CEO. The same logic applied then as it does now – it will relieve the burden of maintaining PGH and especially its free wards! The phobia then is similar to the current one of “creeping acquisition”. A battery of lawyers will definitely draw up a water-tight agreement for PGH.

  • The old Parsee General should not be disturbed and proceeds from the new cosmopolitan hospital should be utilized for poor Parsees.

  • Dr Zarire Screwvalla


  • I dup port it going public. Let the control remain with the Parsis

  • Definetky. This move will be better for Paris’s, as they would have better & latest facilities at their disposal.

  • We r getting a generous offer to build a hospital next to BPH n we should not let it go. How many have ever donnated to any cause except put in criticisms. Pl think.

    • Tehemtan Sam Mehta

      I suggest someone from our community should take initiative and lead from front in building a non parsee hospital and the management of the new hospital should be done by a reputed parsee enterpruner

  • Revenue coming from cosmopolitan hospital should be utilized to facilitate almost free treatment for all Zoroastrians below a certain income strata. Mediclaim patients should be sent only to cosmopolitan hospital only.

  • Thank you to the Shroff & Jokhi families for spear-heading & generously donating to this wonderful plan.
    I hope the Parsee Panchayat swallows it’s pride & negativity & supports this magnanimous gesture from the above family.
    After this poll, the Parsee Panchayat needs to stop wasting the people’s money on legal fees etc

  • Yes

  • A preliminary question for the President of the PGH.
    What is the BASIS for asking the ‘Parsi Community’ to decide this matter? Do the PGH bye laws or the terms of the Trust require the ‘Parsi Community’ to say ‘Yes’? If so how do you define the ‘Parsi Community’ – in Mumbai; in India; world wide .. ? And what %age has to say ‘Yes’?
    In truth, this seems to be just one more meaningless argument that has been foisted upon us!

  • Rashna D Sukheswalla

    We have a reputation of being united & philanthropic, and it is our duty as Zoroastrians to practice good thoughts, good words & good deeds … yet many of these comments display anything but! It is painful & sad to witness.

    When we fled our home, King Jadav Rana gave us refuge – with conditions. We relinquished any pride & insecurity, accepted & adapted to those conditions, and as a result we thrived. This is a FACT and therefore inarguable. Now who amongst us has forgotten this path our ancestors took? Understand that had those of you who have expressed such disdain now done so back then, that misplaced pride would have meant the end of our kind.

    And so we are at another such crossroad, albeit far less dramatic. Do we adapt & thrive, or cling tightly to our pride and stagnate? And what exactly is being asked of us here? What exactly are we being asked to give up that is causing such dissent? The new cosmopolitan hospital will help others – win. Fees charged in that hospital will help fund free/subsidized treatment at PGH – win. PGH will have access to equipment & treatment currently unavailable, which will benefit Parsees – win. The new hospital will attract talent & expertise to help all – win. The new hospital remains as part of the community assets of PGH – win. The new hospital will generate revenue that may continue to improve facilities at PGH to help even more Parsees – win. So – again – what are we being asked to give up that is causing such resentment?

    Back to the comments: someone stated his grievance to ” … blackmail from donors.” That comment is completely baseless & most objectionable. It is appropriate for anyone giving a donation to have a say in how the money is used; common sense is apparently not that common. Besides, it is hard enough to make US$1M for ourselves, so unless someone has US$22.5M lying around to help our community, please – you may take a seat.

    With every fibre of my being, I can state this: Mr. & Mrs. Shroff have always strived to make the world a better place. And they have succeeded, not only through their philanthropy of resources AND time, but also through providing leadership, expertise, wisdom, kindness & care. Their greatest legacy may be the wonderful children they have raised, who have also gone out into the world to contribute to society with integrity & grace. There are hundreds of Parsees & thousands of non-Parsees in Hong Kong & around the world who would support all I have stated. Please make an effort to learn about the donors, before hurling such inappropriate & unkind accusations … for that disdainful behaviour is simply against our Parsee values that we supposedly hold dear.

    It is understandable that in the face of change, some people resist. I do too sometimes, because change can make us feel insecure; however, there is a choice to be made now: do you choose to allow fellow Parsees to uplift & benefit the community? Or would you prefer to feed such insecurities & cling to this misplaced pride that limits all?

    • Very well and aptly written Rashna!
      Thanks for your effort at trying to remove the blinkers from ill thinking minds.

    • Very well said.
      Parsees should take this generous offer gratefully,which will benefit the community-specially the poor.
      It would be foolish to let such a great offer slip because of false pride.

  • YES please

  • This is a well thought out salvage operation to protect and perpetuate the existing Parsee general hospital which has been loosing several crores each year in the service of our community. No organisation can function with a dwindling corpus and sustained loss year after year. The community expects to receive and be served and very few bother to contribute while several are free with advice and criticism.
    Several eminent Parsee lawyers will protect our trust and heritage and with this project our hospital will then be able to continue serving the community. Without this we have our misplaced ego and pride but no prospect of the hospital continuing as it does. Rushad Udwadia

  • Yazdi NARIMAN Parekh

    All legal Things will be taken care well then should go ahead with its plans to build a cosmopolitan Hospital on its estate to support the existing facilities.

  • Im sorry of what i have posted . I do change my opinion. I do think the new hospital would benefit the PGH. My Vote is YES..

  • It is a brilliant plan n beneficial to the community. This plan should GO ahead, it will benefit our community

  • No, No, No. The Parsee General Hospital should be left for use solely for our community.
    The B D Petit Parsee General Hospital has served our community very well. No need to bring in others.

    • What do you mean by others !!
      A very shameful comment.Have you forgotten that you are living in a land where ‘others’ gave you sanctuary.

  • Thrity Mahesh Mankodi

    We Parsis need to wake up. It’s so easy to say No. Right now go to the hospital and see how many Parsis use it. Wards are empty. All well to do Parsis take treatment at other well appointed hospitals. So what’s wrong if you get all these services right next door for the Parsis? Who said Parsi General Hospital will be opened to one and all communities? Let us not unnecessarily look through blinders.
    I have lost a brother in law, who was being treated st Parsi General Hospital, who had to be taken all the way to Breachcandy Hospital for tests a couple of times even though his condition was critical. So what’s wrong with having latest facilities next door? A BIG “YES”FROM MY FAMILY AND ME FOR THIS PROJECT. God bless us all.

  • Cyrus Amroliwalla

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Dr.Dilnavaz Gamadia’

    Its absolutely the need of the hour.It has to be done for the sake of the poor patients considering the loss incurred by the hospital ..The community will miss a golden opportunity to sustain this hospital that is synonymous with “ Parsi thy name is charity”if the efforts of its trustees to find a solution are thwarted by short sighted bigotry of a few .Its our turn to support the Petit family in their struggle to continue with their family tradition of managing their(and our) beloved hospital against all odds.
    The community should support the efforts of the Trustees and the CEO
    to get the hospital back to a viable situation and be thankful to them and of course the Shroffs , the donors for their generous donation to “our General Hospital”.
    Parsis of Bombay and western India Should also thank the doctors who treat poor patients indoors and in out patients department free at the cost of their precious time and to the best of their abilities.
    There is no other Parsi institution deserving your donations more than this one.So Parsis wake up and loosen your purse strings for The B D Petit Parsi General Hospital and at least stop being a “Dog in the manger”if you don’t want to.

  • Yes. It is to be categorically ensured that the existing facilities at the PGH continue to be for use solely for our Parsi Community, and the existing facilities for our community members be so improved/enhanced by this new hospital generating adequate funds as proposed and decided by a mutual Board. This committment must be ensured for the next 60 years at least by Medanta. Also, no part of the entire property should be given away to any non-Parsi organisation.

  • We Parsis have turned into narrow minded ignoramuses! Zorastrianism is a beautiful faith, let’s not tarnish it please 🙏🏼

  • They should go ahead with building a new wing and the sooner the better.

    Parsees have been saved by being allowed to stay in India
    Now we want to be exclusive and not gave a non parsee next to us : think what a non parsee must feel you are in his country ???

  • Jasmine S Nargolwala

    How tunnel visioned is our community getting? We seem to be on a path of self destruction bcoz of our inability to adapt to change and move with times! We want to cut our cake and eat it too. How many of you naysayers have contributed to the upkeep of PGH? The Petits and Shroffs of this world are to be lauded for their efforts and magnanimity in struggling to keep the Hospital going, despite uninformed, vicious slander at a personal level. Shameful n disgusting. Grow out of this “dog in the manger” attitude and understand that if we want to survive we need to adapt to change for change is the only constant! A resounding YES from me and my family for this initiative!!

  • It’s a good idea,N beneficial to parsee community so I think we should go ahead.

  • Lets move forward n not loose such a golden opportunity given to our community. We need to be grateful to the Jokhi n Shroff families for their magnanimous help to us.

  • The trustees of Parsee General Hospital have explained the full project in detail in many Parsis publications. Let us show our support and save our old hospital through this well thought out project.

  • I have voted YES.
    My wife also wants to vote YES but since she uses my email the vote shall not be counted.
    Pl. give her the vote.
    Jamshed F.. Mehta

  • My vote is yes

  • If it helpd our community, it should be done, my vote is yes

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