I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.

Genocides will come & go

As long as the rivers of

Hatred Racism Discrimination

Bigotry Sacrilege

Continues to flow

Let’s not be

The world’s watch dog

Clean up our own mess

Heed & practice the

Pristine Message

The legacy He left us 

Hundreds of years ago

If one cannot

Treat as well follow

The Pristine Teachings

With Respect & practice

They it was supposed to be

Then one cannot

A Zoroastrian  be.

Praying the Avesta

From cover to cover

Going to Atash Behrams

As well as Agiaries

To pray & pay homage

To the Holy Fire

On the other  hand

Stoking the fires of

Racism Discrimination

Bigotry & Segregation

Higher & Higher.


`This my Religion.

There is no need

For temples;

No need for

Complicated philosophy.

Our own brain

Our own heart

Is our temple

The philosophy is

Kindness…. Dalai Lama

Treating someone

With disrespect

Because of their

Ideologies colour caste

Or Creed

On the lower rung

Of the social status

May be a little

Rebuke from

Ahura Mazda is

A jolt one needs


Leadership is not about titles,positions or flow charts  It’s about one life influencing another

John C Maxwell.

In a nut shell: Get rid of Prejudice Ego Pride but treat each other with Respect Dignity Humility including Understanding

Choicest Happiness



  • Powerful message embedded in your well written piece of poetry. Love the message in it. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on! 😊😊😊

  • No Comments? Good or Bad?

  • Being adament having Ego Pride & practicing Racism Discrimination Bigotry Segregation goes against the very teaching of Zoroastrianism.

  • May be exposure in the News Paper or going public will wake you up from your sleep!

  • I would like to express my views: First & foremost get rid of Racism Discrimination Bigotry as well Segregation against our Zoroastrian women folk including high ended Bullying tactics.One can always rebuild an Atash Behram & consecrate the Holy FIre But if our community is dwindling then there will nobody to go & worship in the Fire Temple.
    Does that make Sense?
    Spending money to go to court? Instead of that spend the money on the needy & vulnerable in the community
    And to say one is a Zoroastrian?. That’s sheer mere Irony as well as Hypocrasy
    Just want to make one thing clear I am not against anyone or hate anybody
    That’s my 2 cents
    Choicest Happiness
    PS: Hoping for some feed back.

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