The Good The Bad and The Ugly2

“Truth and Trust are

Two pillars of relationships

If you don’t trust a person

You won’t speak the  Truth

If you don’t say the truth

The person won’t trust you”

Mentor is someone who sees your potential even when others don’t, and helps to bring it out in you, someone who believes in you and wants you to succeed.

A New Year has dawned

“Not a soul is stirring

Not even a mouse”

Everything is quiet

Through the “House”?

Don’t you all like to

Right the wrong?

Do justice to Asho Zarathuhstra?

Which includes His Divine Message?

I truly must state that’s committing

Total & utter sacrilege!

I am not a zealot nor a bigot

Trying to bring some sense

To the people who call

Themselves Zoroastrians

Followers of Asho Zarathushtra

Give up your Sudreh Kushti

And stop going to Fire Temples

or pray near the Holy Fiire

When you guys cannot

Follow a message so simple

Of Humata Hukta Harvarshta

Please stop being a hypocrite

And proudly declare that

“We are Racist as well

Misogynist Including


Choicest Happiness



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