” I ask you to  judge me by the enemies I have made” FDR.

It seems some Scholars

As well Religious leaders

Have become “Lion tamers

Holding Zoroastrian women

In cages by not treating

Them with respect

As well dignity

As though they are

Circus animals

I can almost hear

Asho Zarathushtra say:

“I am not impressed by your

Money position  or titles

But I am impressed by

 how one treats others`

The attitude towards women

Has to change

By wearing priestly robes

Performing ceremonies

Praying near the Holy Fire

Is sheer mere Sacrilege.

Rise Up Ye Women folk

Take destiny in your own hands

And stop acting like meek little lambs.

Great Leaders do not

Set out to be a leader

They set out to make

A make difference

Its never about the role

Always about the goal

(Lisa Haisha)

PS Heed the message

Choicest Happiness



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