Zarathushti Representation at Walk To End Genocide, Yom HaShoah and Prayer Breakfast


I participated in following events recently, representing Zarathushtis, and also got a banner created by the Guibord Center, with the Fravahar symbol that was displayed on stage at The Guibord Center Annual Fundraiser Dinner event at which Artemis Javanshir’s daughter (who attended with her aunt) also gave a short talk on stage.Regards,Maneck Bhujwala  1.  Walk to End Genocide event organized by the Jewish World Watch (JWW) organization, at Pan Pacific park in Los Angeles, on March 31 with my banners about Genocide of Zoroastrians after Arab invasion of Iran in seventh century C.E. and after the walk in the Fairfax area of L.A., I was also invited to sit on stage with other speakers representing countries suffering genocide, and informed the audience about Zarathushti religion, Persian empires, and suffering of Zarathushtis after the Arab invasion. I also advocated more involvement by all communities in interfaith dialogue, events and organizations. I also mentioned the online petition for a religious arm of the United Nations and gave the website address where it can be accessed to the director of Advocacy of JWW. Here is a picture of speakers on the stage. I am sitting second from the right side.


 2.  Yom HaShoah ceremony held at Pan Pacific park in Los Angeles, to remember Jewish victims of the Holocaust and recent anti-Semitic attacks, attended by Mayor of Los Angeles, Israeli Consuls from various cities, survivors of the Holocaust, general Jewish community and friends. This was organized by the Jewish Federation and I had informed them that I was representing Zarathushti solidarity with the Jewish community in their hour of tragedy. They were thankful and expressed their appreciation to all attendees who were not intimidated by the recent anti-Semitic attacks. 3.  National Day of Prayer celebrated with a Prayer Breakfast meeting organized by Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles at his official residence at Getty House, where several religious community representatives were invited. I said a short prayer asking the Wise Creator who is known by many names, to give us all wisdom to put back our biases and ignorance about others which create fear of others and hatred towards others, and to realize that we are all brothers and sisters. I met the Mayor, told him that I was a Zoroastrian and got a picture with him, seen below.Here are pictures of me with a few religious leaders in front of Getty House and picture with Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti:


   4. New Banner (which I requested) with Fravahar Symbol unfurled on stage at The Guibord Center event. Picture 2 has Yekta, daughter of Artemis standing in front of banner: 

Maneck Bhujwala

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