Oral History of Ratan Tata

This interview reflects the life history of Mr. Ratan Tata, former chairman of Tata Sons who took control of the Tata group of companies from his predecessor, Mr. JRD Tata, winner of the highest Indian civilian medal, and during his tenure of about 20 years, transformed it into the largest Indian Multinational with a growth of more than 50X in total revenue to $100 Billions. This is remarkable because Mr. Ratan Tata, through his leadership, changed the structure of the Tata Group of companies, overcoming resistance from senior executives, thrust the Group into High Technology domains and dramatically changed the international footprint while re-branding the name of the large Group. He achieved this while adhering to the high ethical values of the Tata legacy and won many prestigious international awards – Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Commander of the Legion honored by the French Government, among others. He serves on numerous Boards and continues to drive philanthropic initiatives, the true legacy of the Tatas. * Note: Transcripts represent what was said in the interview. However, to enhance meaning or add clarification, interviewees have the opportunity to modify this text afterward. This may result in discrepancies between the transcript and the video. Please refer to the transcript for further information – http://www.computerhistory.org/collec… Visit computerhistory.org/collections/oralhistories/ for more information about the Computer History Museum’s Oral History Collection.

Interviewed by Uday Kapoor on 2017-01-19 in Mumbai, India X8072.2017 © Computer History Museum


  • Interesting Yazdi! I’ve been encouraging him lately to take one of those thumb drive recorders and talk his memoir into it! Then he can have his secretary Dilnaz type it! But he keeps saying he is not very articulate! But interviews and the biographer he has hired don’t capture his real feelings! Anyway, don’t publish this. He is a very private man! Feroza

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  • Roossi Kaikobad Talati

    No words to comment on the super-se-bohot-bohot- ooper works of the TATAs in our Nation Building, poverty alleviation, COMMON wealthy generating, adopting& bringing to India latest technologies, research, and what not !
    May all industrialists follow in the footsteps of the TATAs — India would prosper like anything.

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