Always Hope

But never expect

Cause what you

Pray for you

Ain`t gonna get

He may hear you

Loud and clear

Choose to ignore

Testing your Faith

If one is sincere

You can beg as

Well as plead

Even go on

Bended knees

Even one

Happen to make a deal

If He chooses

He will ignore

Your pleas

Just `cause

Prayers don`t get answred

Don`t mean to go Temple hopping

If our efficacious prayers

Do not answer the call

One has to have

Patience after all.

He is trying and testing you

Putting you through a

“Ring of Fire

Even if it means

Your cause is dire

So have in our

Efficacious Prayers

They will lead one

Right up to “His Gate”

Choicest Happiness


Happy Mother’s Day!


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