As Shakespeare once quoted

“All the world’s a stage”

We  are all actors

End misogyny patriarchy

discrimination inequality

stereotypes racism bigotry

If one want  to live

In a free safe happy society


Your focus on

Hating yesterday

Is killing your

Opportunity to

Love tomorrow

(Gary Vaynerchuk)


No matter how

Talented educated

Or rich you are

One takes nothing when

We leave this earth

How you treat people

Ultimately tells all

“Cause one becomes

Ultimately a  pile of dust


Keeping people

Behind “barb Wires”

Isn’t solving anything

Let the knowledge run free

Let people decide for themselves

Let them live and breath free.


Turning deaf ears is

To the Prophet’s message

And pretending to be

His follower

Praying the Gathas

From end to end

Isn’t that mockery?

As  well as sacrilege?


None of you are higher

Nor the anointed ones

Wearing priestly robes

Will never earn respect

So many of you have lost respect

Forget Ahura Mazda

Finally  He will meet your soul

At the “Gate”

That’s when you realize

Your biggest mistake!


Choicest Happiness




  • Spoken from the heart! Thank you, Farida! Indeed, when will a so-called educated, philanthropic and cultured people called the Parsis of India/Pakistan shed their dark side of misogyny and intolerance and become true followers of the teachings of Prophet Zarathushtra?

  • It seems Silence is Complicit….

  • It seems to me that people care a damn

  • Confrontational poems will continue as long as the door are closed

    • Keep up the good work. I think there are many people who agree with you but remain silent to avoid confrontation. Or they are too weak to oppose the establishment, and do not know how to question authority.

  • Fight the Bullies! That’s what Democracy is all about. People have sacrificed their lives to gain their freedom. How long does it take to take on some mere bullies! United we stand !

  • To the” Deaf Dumb Blind”

    The clock of life is
    Wound but once
    And no one has the power
    To tell when the hands will stop
    At late or an early hour
    Now is the only time you own
    Live love toil with a will
    Place no Faith in time
    For the clock may soon be still”
    (Right and Wrong by a Jame jamshed
    Staff reporter)
    Choicest Happiness


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