Funding Needed To Study The Twin Goals Of Unity And Growth In A Global Zoroastrian Survey


What does the Zoroastrian community, especially our youth, seek? How can we preserve our identity and strengthen the community as a whole? Community members across the globe dwell on these questions without a clear answer. A new initiative called Gen Z and Beyond seeks to create a global Zoroastrian study to provide up-to-date, accurate, substantive and authoritative data to inform and guide our thinking to help us secure and shape the future of our community, its aspirations and identity.


Dr. Sarah Stewart, the Shapoorji Pallonji Senior Lecturer in Zoroastrian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London will lead the global survey and data analysis. Zoroastrians in India and across the globe will be invited to participate in an online anonymous survey. Researchers aspire to survey 100 % of the Zoroastrian population and plan to visit rural areas where online access is not available.


This global survey is different from those in the past as it will solicit demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal input from Zoroastrians. It will generate an all-encompassing database and draw a comprehensive set of facts, insights and ideas to inform and inspire Zoroastrian communities to develop future projects that will secure, strengthen and further the wellbeing of the community.



Detailed information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found at




Gen Z and Beyond sponsors have provided seed capital close to 30% of the approximately $275,000 total Survey cost. The goal is to raise the balance by the project launch date of May 1, 2020 and complete the project by December 2021. We cannot do this without your help and request each Association around the globe to support this initiative as well as make monetary contributions and help to create the future of our community.


Contact To Learn More And Join This Effort.


Yazdi Tantra – – +91 98922 19340

Dinyar Devitre Р Р +1 646 266 9156

Toos Daruvala Р Р +1(917) 626-3570

Edul Daver –¬† – +1 908 397 4443

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  • It is high time we Zarathushtis think seriously about our community’s future and get the honest opinions from all community members (with privacy of their opinions assured, instead of the usual “show of hands voting” done which gives wrong results due to voters being intimidated of being labelled as trouble makers, etc.) to guide us towards a secure and better future for our future generations. I urge Zarathushti Associations and individuals to support this effort .
    Mobedyar Maneck Bhujwala

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