Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing

Is not like removing

Stains from ones clothes

But dealing with humanity

Threat to us do pose


Ethnic Cleansing

Has permeated

Every aspect of


Why have

That “Herd Mentality”?


Asho Zarathshtra

Had a spine

Spoke what was

On His Mind

He did not

Falter one way

Or another as

He was determined

To bring His

Pristine Message

To human kind


Fear not what

Will people say?

Do not have that

Herd Mentality

They will pass

Judgement anyway

Damn if you did

Damn if one didn’t


Lastly I wish to say:

United we stand

Divided we fall ”

So have a spine

Like an oak tree

Stand tall

State what’s on

One’s mind

So we all can

Leave this place

A better place

For all of human Kind


Choicest Happiness


Farida Bamji




  • Extremely well articulated

  • Intolerance towards Women especially Zwomen married outside the religion racism discrimination bigotry will not be tolerated by the “”blind deaf and dumb” of the Zoroastrian Hierarchy.
    Speak up Open up

  • “Me Too”movement is here to stay

  • For racially pure there is a site

  • Sorry it’s .com

  • Where are the voices of dissent? why so silemt?

  • Keep keep in mind what happened to Harvey Weintien

  • You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth, so others know they aren’t alone.” Choosing and practicing radical honesty, acceptance, love, and empowerment have become their own form of redemption. … by Laura Staley

  • Tittles do not mean a thing. Servicing with humility treating people with dignity that’s service

  • Today we are celebrating international Women’s Day! What have we done to to celebrate day! Treated our Zwomen like Pariahs, Just don’t talk about if there’s nothing being done. One does not have to be a hyporcrite

  • A big Hooplah was made as regards Cyrus Cylinder now where have all the righteous people gone? Why make mockery if one is not going to follow through. It”s a slap in the face of Asho Zarathushtra
    Any feed backs?

  • Wishing you one and all
    A Veyr Happy Navroz
    May peace unity wiithin
    Our community grows
    May there be no worries
    Or woes
    But like a clear crystal glass
    Of Champagne bubbles
    That perpetually overflows

  • All members of the “Hierarchy” keep this in mind that when you pass on your soul will not be addressed as VADA or ERVAD but a simple old Lowly Soul awaiting judgement

  • Religion and Politics do not mix. Sadly I wish to state that all those so called arrogant Vada Dasturjis and Ervads once they leave this earth they will no morebe addressed as such but will be lowly lonely souls facing judgement

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