Looking for Furdoonjee D.J Paruck of Bombay

My name is Purushotham Reddy Koppula, based out of New York. I am a numismatist and a history enthusiast , currently trying to trace the family of Mr.Furdoonjee D.J Paruck of Bombay.
I am in the process of studying and writing a review article on the evolution of sasanian coinage of persia and in this regard, trying to find a copy of a book that was authored by Paruck ji. Please find attached, an image of the front cover and page of the original 1924 publication of his work (Apologies for the poor image quality). Published by the Times Press, Bombay, this is the first ever scholarly work on sassanian coins, from India. Paruck, Furdoonjee D. J., Sasanian Coins, Bombay 1924, 535 pages, 36 plates of photos and Pahlavi alphabet, 32 tables of line drawings, hardcover. This book was reprinted in 1976 by  Indological Book Corp, New Delhi.
He was a member of the Numismatic Society of India (NSI), BHU, Varnasi, of which I am also a life member and could not get any info on him.
From what I know, Furdoonjee D.J.Paruck was a resident of Bombay and lived in the Kala ghoda area of Bombay. His ancestral home/bungalow was called as “Gul Mansion”. I tried finding out more info, with the help of my friend in Mumbai, but unfortunately, he said there is nobody related to Paruck ji’s family living in that house. Does anybody in today’s Mumbai know any living heirs of Paruck ji? I am looking to find this book of his, which will serve as a reference for my article and would appreciate, if somebody could help me get in touch with his current family members or somebody who has this book and could help me.
Purushotham Reddy Koppula


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