Humanity is not 

Immune to pandemics

Disease or  natural disasters 

That’s when one 

Realizes we are  not

Captain of our fate 

Or masters of our souls 


It treats everybody  equally 

It teaches us a 

Very moral lesson 

That Nobody has 

Monopoly over wisdom


It  makes no 

Distinction between

A Hindu Muslim

Sikh Bahai Jew 

or Zoroastrian

Nor does it differentiate  

Between rich poor

Beggar or thief 

Ervads Vadas 

Behdins Racists


Can you believe?


Covid 19 has a 

Smogras board to choose from 

A wide variety of menu

Once it wraps it’s icy claws

It’s not going let go 

Even if you turn blue


No amount of 

Trips to Atash Behram 

Agiaries or humbandagies 

Or praying on bended knees!!

Is not going to turn the clock back 

By getting one of the hook 

Cause it has already been written  

In your  destiny book 


When it’s time to go 

No question asked 

Its when arrives at the 

Pearly Gates 

That’s when realizes one’s 

Biggest Mistake 

Choicest Blessings


Farida Bamji

July 8th 2020



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