Sir Jamsetji Jeejeebhoy

Birthday Salutations to
Sir Jamsetji Jeejeebhoy
(15th July-1783 to 14th April 1859)
The biggest Philanthropist — Maker of Modern Mumbai
His wife Lady Jeejeebhoy by making Mahim Causeway contributed to biggest wealth creation in Indian History Development of city of Mumbai
Today is the 237th  Birth Anniversary of Sir JJ. His contribution towards building this great city is unparalleled and he could be rightly called founding father of Mumbai.
Following are the contributions of this great person and his family:
1) Before 1845 people beyond Mahim were traveling to city by ferries causing lot of hardships, deaths and other problems. To resolve this hardship faced by poor people Lady Jamshetji contributed full amount to construct the Mahim causeway bridge with a condition that there would be no toll.
In last 165 years the city has grown leaps and bounds unimaginably due to this great contribution.
Can we imagine anyone doing this today when even governments do not build anything without toll?
2) Sir JJ group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College.
Since 1845 this Institution is one of the oldest and best Institutes in Asia Ranked always in first 10 in India and one of the 8 institutes recognized by Singapore Medical Council is built on large Grant from Sir JJ.
This treats 1200000 OPD and 80000 indoor patients every year .
Must have treated at least 30 Crore patients in last 160 years
This is done before start of Mumbai University which means Sir JJ was a pioneer in education and he provided best health services almost FREE of cost to poor people.
3) Sir JJ Dharmashala running for last 150 years takes care of old and destitutes till today.
4) Sir JJ school of Architecture: One of the best in country and produced some of the best architects in India
5) Sir JJ school of Arts from where some of our finest artistes have emerged.
6) Sir JJ school of Commercial Art
7) He built innumerable schools hospitals and Agyaries.
Above all we all use Charni Road Railway Station. Do we know that all this precious land belonged to Sir JJ? He donated this land, again free of cost, to build Charni Road Station.
All these contributions could run into thousands of crores of rupees in today’s valuations. Mumbai owes a lot to this great person  who was an orphan, completely self made , practically educated and knew what troubles the common man goes through.
My humble tribute and salute to this great Mahamanav who contributed towards modernity , growth and happiness of the
Common man.
For his outstanding contributions Queen Victoria conferred baronetcy on India’s first Knight


  • He is our RAJA

  • Kudos to our great great ancestors of past 2 centuries. We as followers of the teachings of prophet Zarathustra, let us continue and not give up on the philanthropic goals in whatever manner, whether great or small, whether by our monetary
    riches, or of our time towards selfless service, and may it be taught from childhood. The ME FIRST attitude if not well
    controlled could lead us to be less human towards others, and that too, irrespective of race, color or creed. We are all
    creation of God (Ahura Mazda), and in fact, diversity really brings out creativity towards progress.
    let us not rest on the laurels and brag about what our ancestors did, let us introspect and see what and how i can
    contribute part of our time/riches selflessly. may we all be blessed and be protected by our creator. Amen


      Great thinker, practical philosiphor, which today’s generation can only talk about. Today there is so much of polution in our community, our girls are least interested in taking forward our religion, they are more interested in inter-caste marriage. The girls are very money minded and why not because the boys dont want to work hard, feel humilated in front in front of girls both by calibre and education, and maay nu puchure bani ne zindagi bhar bachelor rahi jayech.Boys dont want to come out of the comfort zone of mummy. Those who somehow are managing to have only one child, and those who have money are not willing to help the needy. Wake up Zarthosthis. We cant afford to just remember great stalwart, need to work hard, like them, do something for our community.

  • Must circulate in Marathi Gujrati english leading news papers just in Mumbai and Gujarat as paid news and a documentary film must be made to upload on various platform

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