The IranShah Initiative Education With Vision 2020 Part 2 of 3

The IranShah Initiative
Education With Vision 2020
Part 2 of 3
Knowledge Is Precious
Wisdom Is Priceless
Happiness Is Infectious

How we can become an instrument of education 

Through our innate inspiration 
To bring about a transformation 
In our future generation.
By supporting these Prime-Star Goals Of The IranShah Initiative 
The Star Of Knowledge
Knowledge regarding the right understanding of wisdom and obedience with truthfulness; to become among those who are celebrated for spreading true accounts of the good religion through religious mentorship.
By virtue of acquiring the right knowledge we become instruments or channels of knowledge through our innate inspiration to bring about a transformation in the psyche of our community and dedicate our quest and endeavor to the Glory of IranShah!
The Stars Of Happiness And Wisdom 
It is interesting to observe that acquisition of wisdom goes hand in hand with happiness. One who is wise is also happy. Divinity enters the heart of the acquirer of wisdom and makes that individual experience “fresh and superior happiness.”

In Dinkard Book 3 it states that: Be it known that, whatever wisdom and happiness exist now, are owing to the principles that give strength of wisdom and the power of happiness. Among these, by means of the proper power appertaining to the soul, Ohrmazd reaches into the heart of the acquirer of wisdom, and the power of obtaining the wishes, reaches into the heart of the acquirer of wisdom. And on that wisdom reaching into the mind, a path is found by the mind that is obedient to Ohrmazd and is pure, to see what relates to the invisible; and so, man becomes worthy of fresh and superior happiness.”

May You Continue To Shine The Light Of Knowledge And Wisdom With Joy And Happiness.

Please continue to challenge us with your deep, probing and insightful questions. 

Using these learning opportunities, we need to stimulate and enrich our environment at a personal, communal and global level.

This means that we need to harness and use every form and facet of our environment to provide these opportunities and it also means that we need to use the enablers (of this platform) to truly become ‘enablers’ of happiness! 

Together, let us create a knowledge based eco-system of cross-learning, acquisition of wisdom and happiness for all, with the Blessings of IranShah! 

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