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Today, on the auspicious occasion of Pak Iranshah’s Fasli birthday, it’s fascinating to recap the journey of our most Holy of Holy Fires.
Iranshah Atash Behram was first consecrated in 721 A.C. on the sacred soil of Sanjan in India.
Iranshah’s journey from Sanjan to Udvada is a saga of the courage, endurance and determination of our Parsi ancestors who braved hardship and tended the Sacred Fire, notes the ‘Jam-e-Jamshed’. Here’s a brief sketch of Iranshah’s history:
Sanjan – The fire remained here for 668 years
Bahrot Caves – 12 years (1393-1405 A.C.)
Vansda forests – 14 years (1405-1418 A.C.)
Navsari – 313 years (1419-1732 A.C.)
Surat – 3 years (1733-1736 A.C.)
Navsari – 5 years (1736 -1741 A.C.)
Valsad – 1 year (1741-1742 A.C.)
Udvada – 279 years (28-10-1742 till date)
Salgreh Mubarak!
– Jehangir Bisney

New website Iranshah-Offering

There is a new website
We can use it to humbly request Vada Dasturji Khurshedji at Iranshah 
to offer Sukhar, Kaathi, Maachi and light divo on our behalf. 
Payment can be done through NEFT after placing the request. 
Please forward it to all Zoroastrian friends across the Globe.
It is especially helpful during the time of the pandemic 
when we cannot visit Udvada in person.
Thank you Dasturji Khurshed for your kindness and graciousness

Iranshah’s Presence In The United Nations Through ‘Seva’ – A Perspective From The ‘Five-Star Iranshah Dream-Team’


In 2021, our goal is to bring Iranshah’s presence in the United Nations by building a special project through Seva (service) for humanity, using the guiding principles of Asha in the light of Iranshah. And to initiate this noble endeavor, we tap into the hearts and spirits of our 5-Star Iranshah Dream-Team comprising Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, Noshir Dadrawalla, Homi D. Gandhi, Arzan Wadia and Tinaz Karbhari. To me SEVA stands for Service-Encouragement-Victory-Achievements and the light of Iranshah provides a brilliant, incomparable and a ‘5-Star’ service to humanity.



The Five-Star Iranshah Dream Team were all asked the Question:

“Spearheading the spread of this Light of Iranshah, Which is your Favorite Star of SEVA and how will its Valuable Energy (Love) transform the Spirit of Humanity?”

The following are their thoughtful, inspiring and motivating answers…

Answer by Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, the ‘GEM-STAR’: After the Arab conquest of Iran, Zoroastrians fled their ancestral homeland. History has it that one group of Zoroastrian refugees landed in Diu, India, and lived there for 19 years. Driven by faith and inspiration, they set out towards Gujarat when they were caught in a violent storm. They beseeched the angel of Victory, the Powerful Beheram Yazad to guide them to safety, vowing to consecrate an Atash Beheram (Iranshah) if they reached safe ground. Thus, came to Life a Spiritual ‘Light’ – Our HOLY IRANSHAH. Along with every other Zoroastrian, I remain eternally indebted to our ancestors who struggled with determination to preserve our faith. Our Dastur Sahebs and Mobed Sahebs, from the time of consecrating the Iranshah Fire, till date, have ferociously protected the sanctity of this Holy Fire. No achievement is more victorious than that of these dedicated Mobed Sahebs. The Selfless service of every Bouywala is a valuable contribution towards our sacred Iranshah, whose divinity kindles every Zoroastrian heart with Spirituality, Hope and Light. For me SEVA embodies the spirit of Raadhi (Charity) with Raasti (Trust and Righteousness).

Answer by Noshir Dadrawala, the ‘SHINING-STAR’: SEVA is about Service and Giving – of one’s Time, Knowledge, Skills and not just food, shelter, clothing and money. In fact, the highest form of SEVA or Service is dispelling the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is empowering for the receiver and ennobling for the giver. There is more joy in giving than in receiving and the gift of knowledge, in my opinion, is one of the highest forms of SEVA. Giving of Food, Clothing, Shelter or money can provide relief to the needy.

But giving of knowledge can empower the needy to overcome his needs and rehabilitate himself or herself in a sustainable and dignified manner. Therefore, I would consider SEVA as embodiment Sustainable Evolution with Value Added.


Answer by Homi Gandhi, the ‘WISE-STAR’: SEVA means selfless service or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. It resonates with our Ashem Vohu prayer. In ancient India, SEVA was believed to help one’s spiritual growth and simultaneously contributed to the improvement of a community. This is the art of giving with no need to receive, where the act itself is a gift to everyone involved. SEVA is the art of blessed action. Helping others does not require some special skill nor is it a birthright of some special individuals. We don’t need to wait for a calamity or an extraordinary event to help others. When we see a need – in any circumstances big or small – we must heed the call of that natural impulse within us and follow where it leads us.

Humans have unlimited capacity to connect and we may sometimes feel limited, especially in current lockdown circumstances, but we have natural impulse within ourselves to help others. Anonymous open giving makes one more comfortable with giving with no need for reward and thus one can expand the reach of one’s actions. So enjoy, in joy, the act of selfless action and all the wonderful energy that surrounds it! To me SEVA is Serve and Expand Valued Actions.


Answer by Arzan Wadia, the ‘SUPER-STAR’: Service to the faith and community should be inculcated from a young age. We have seen countless examples in our community. Be it the pioneers who took it upon themselves to preserve the faith, and then others followed and provided the means and methods, for generations to flourish. Building institutions both physical and non-physical allowed our community to have fire temples, educational institutions, housing, hospitals and a plethora of institutions. This happened because people felt that in doing their small or big bit, they were serving the community.

At different times in one’s life, one is presented with various ways to serve or do SEVA. The younger folks can give their time in service of the community. Giving in service is not only limited to monetary resources. For service to come a full circle, one needs folks to give their time to complement those who give their financial resources. It is only when both happen, that true service is realised. So today, when you think of how you can so SEVA, give whatever works for you. To the young adults who are starting out in life and in their professional careers, give your time to worthy causes, and later in life, someday, Ahura Mazda willing, you will be able to contribute financially too!

Answer by Tinaz Karbhari, the ‘RISING STAR’: SEVA, or the act of selfless service, should be performed by all individuals. The scale of the act can be as minute or grand as one chooses and can take many different forms – be it via volunteering one’s time, doing an act of kindness or simply donating to a cause close to one’ heart. The youth should have the importance of SEVA instilled from a young age, in order to be able to practice and apply it into their everyday lives, in turn developing an altruistic nature. This should then be shared with the next generation to continue the cycle.

I encourage everyone, particularly youth from all corners of the world, to serve others and causes they connect with. Unknowingly, the simplest service brings you the most happiness. And it doesn’t have to be difficult; helping out is not a hard task and doesn’t require any special skills. Service is essentially the expression of love. Serve in whatever manner possible. Take it upon yourself to inspire others and be the change that you want to see!

The Pahlavi Dinkard recommends cultivation of 5-STAR virtues which are of religious merit – Truthfulness, Charity, Skill, Endeavour and Giving encouragement to others in good deeds.

May we be inspired by these lofty ideals.  May we imbibe these virtues in our day-to-day life and dedicate this transformation in our thinking, our speech and our deeds to Holy Iranshah!

Let’s join hands as we prepare to take the Light of Our Zoroastrian Vatican To The United Nations with the attribute of SEVA to humanity!

Iranshah’s Presence In The United Nations Through ‘Seva’ – A Perspective From The ‘Five-Star Iranshah Dream-Team’

The IranShah Initiative

Education Through Inspiration Not InDOCTORination
By Noshir Dadrawala


Both Have The Same 8-Letters


Inspiration promotes CREATION which is positive

InDOCTORination provokes REACTION which is often negative

Since Education helps to expand and empower human experience, our future generation is more receptive towards Education Through Inspiration rather than InDOCTORination.

It is because Inspiration Transforms

But InDOCTORination often Deforms

The Psyche Of Humanity

The pragmatic assumption that our future generations will carry forward the torch of our traditions and culture with a positive attitude and an affirmative spirit, will require a conscientious commitment to make it a reality. 

Thinking that we only need to worry about today because the future will take care of itself is fraught with inherent risks. 

The scope of that risk will depend on whether we provide them with Education through Inspiration or InDOCTORination.

It is imperative that we understand that our future generation is a generation of communication not InDOCTORination. 
It is time we wean ourselves out from the ‘Jug And Mug’ theory of learning,  where the preacher is the full jug and the preacher’s job is to pour acquired knowledge and information from the full jug to the empty mug – our youth.

However, the truth is, that no youth is ever an empty mug. Rather every youth inherently carries his or her own ‘knowledge’ and ‘innate wisdom’. The teacher’s job is to first find out what the youth know and then help them develop better understandings by providing the necessary conditions and challenges to do so.

The aim is to do everything to keep alive those innate desires to learn – or to ‘recover’ them if they has been subverted by prior experiences.

With that in mind, we need to ask ourselves whether we owe a responsibility to nurture them.

If the answer is in the affirmative, then what type of lasting legacy do we intend to leave for them?

Our own forebears on arrival in India had an innate inspiration to consecrate Iranshah with a vision to give future generations a ‘spiritual sovereign’ to go to in times of happiness for thanksgiving and in times of distress for spiritual succor. 

Through this innate inspiration, our forefathers left a priceless legacy, which has brought creative transformation in the lives of generations over the past millennia. 

Now…. what can we as blessed beneficiaries of this legacy do, to ensure that we leave this precious legacy even more enriched for future generations?


In our opinion, it can only be through shared knowledge and collective wisdom but
through inspiration and not inDOCTORination.


Future generations need to know more about the lessons of our history. They need to know more about the struggles of our forebears who left their homeland and adopted a new one. The stories of grit and determination. The tales of valour and enterprise, they all need to be told and documented with pride and gusto.

Religious education is essentially about inspiration, not just information. Effective teaching focuses on why and how, not what. Our goal is to spark creative imagination through inspiration, to instill a tinge of spiritual consciousness in the hearts and minds of Generation Next, so that they genuinely feel a sense of belonging that will seed the need to think more, know more, and grow more with an insatiable appetite to learn more.
The rest is easy, because the youth then drives and thrives through his or her own perpetual learning. Our role as Mentor or Guide is to ask provocative questions, to stir their mind, to challenge their thought process and to help seekers to find their path toward the answers. If they are motivated to find the path, they will carve it themselves.

And, this is exactly what we at Iranshah Initiative aspire to achieve – to encourage and enable all to be an instrument of education through our innate inspiration and usher transformation in our future generation.


Not only through our

Manashni, Gavashni, and Kunashni

(Thoughts, Words,  and Deeds)

But also through our

Hu-Manashni, Hu-Gavashni, and Hu-Kunashni

(Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds)


InDOCTORinated thoughts, words and deeds can be mechanical. But creatively inspired good thoughts, words and deeds can be positively life transforming both for the wisdom seeker and the entire ‘wisdom eco-system’.

May “Àtrash Puthrô Ahurahe Mazdào” (the son and purifying energy of Ahura Mazda) blazing at Udvada since over a millenia, continue to Inspire generations to come through Asha (Truth and Righteousness) and Vohu Manah (Wisdom)
For More Info Visit:

Building A Generation Of Inspiration with Vision 2020 (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to The Iranshah Initiative
Video Time Capsule
In the words of French Novelist Anatole France…
To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
In today’s day and age, we face several challenges.
One in particular is the sanctity of our history, culture and religion.
As a result, planning is imperative.
Simply put, what would you want your children to know about Iranshah? 
What is it that you believe will inspire them and get excited enough to know more?
Tell us about your fondest experience, what it means to visit, how you learnt about the history or how you envisage the next generation keeping the fire burning forevermore.
Help us help them shape their future by sharing your thoughts, emotions, feelings, experiences about Iranshah.
We want to hear from you no matter how long or short the message is.
Many have had life changing experience at this Holiest of Holy Sacred Grove. Some call it miracle some call it life transforming. Whatever be your story, tell us about it and ignite or reignite that spark of faith and devotion in other hearts.
Join the Iranshah Initiative by contributing to the Time Capsule and be a part of our planning for history.

The IranShah Initiative Education With Vision 2020 Part 2 of 3

The IranShah Initiative
Education With Vision 2020
Part 2 of 3
Knowledge Is Precious
Wisdom Is Priceless
Happiness Is Infectious

How we can become an instrument of education 

Through our innate inspiration 
To bring about a transformation 
In our future generation.
By supporting these Prime-Star Goals Of The IranShah Initiative 
The Star Of Knowledge
Knowledge regarding the right understanding of wisdom and obedience with truthfulness; to become among those who are celebrated for spreading true accounts of the good religion through religious mentorship.
By virtue of acquiring the right knowledge we become instruments or channels of knowledge through our innate inspiration to bring about a transformation in the psyche of our community and dedicate our quest and endeavor to the Glory of IranShah!
The Stars Of Happiness And Wisdom 
It is interesting to observe that acquisition of wisdom goes hand in hand with happiness. One who is wise is also happy. Divinity enters the heart of the acquirer of wisdom and makes that individual experience “fresh and superior happiness.”

In Dinkard Book 3 it states that: Be it known that, whatever wisdom and happiness exist now, are owing to the principles that give strength of wisdom and the power of happiness. Among these, by means of the proper power appertaining to the soul, Ohrmazd reaches into the heart of the acquirer of wisdom, and the power of obtaining the wishes, reaches into the heart of the acquirer of wisdom. And on that wisdom reaching into the mind, a path is found by the mind that is obedient to Ohrmazd and is pure, to see what relates to the invisible; and so, man becomes worthy of fresh and superior happiness.”

May You Continue To Shine The Light Of Knowledge And Wisdom With Joy And Happiness.

Please continue to challenge us with your deep, probing and insightful questions. 

Using these learning opportunities, we need to stimulate and enrich our environment at a personal, communal and global level.

This means that we need to harness and use every form and facet of our environment to provide these opportunities and it also means that we need to use the enablers (of this platform) to truly become ‘enablers’ of happiness! 

Together, let us create a knowledge based eco-system of cross-learning, acquisition of wisdom and happiness for all, with the Blessings of IranShah! 

The IranShah Initiative – Donation With Vision 2020 (Part 1 of 2)

We are featuring this article since FEZANA has been instrumental in procuring donations

For The IranShah Initiative along with other Global Zarathushti Leaders.

The IranShah Initiative – Donation With Vision 2020 (Part 1 of 2)

From: Homi D. Gandhi, Immediate Past President, FEZANA

“There are no gods in the universe, no nations, no money, no human rights, and no justice outside of the common imagination of human beings,” says Yuval Noah Harari in his book Sapiens. Harari argues that humanity functions cooperatively because human beings created religions and belief systems, political societies, financial markets, judicial systems etc. That these common imagined realities “exert force in the world” because everyone believes in them.

When a community has a strong belief system it seeks to institutionalize it as a religion and pass it down to future generations. For millennia, our Zoroastrian forefathers did this by way of an oral tradition, formalized with prayer and rituals performed around the powerful symbol of Ahura Mazda – fire, the giver of light and life in open surroundings.

Then seeing the temples in Greece and Rome, our Zoroastrian kings began to build temple structures where the revered fire was enthroned for worship. Such is the longing of mere mortals to leave behind unforgettable monuments to their beliefs that future generations can never cast aside.

Our Zoroastrian ancestors who fled Iran and arrived in India did much the same: they established the first Atash Behram, meaning Victorious Fire, in Sanjan. So revered and important was this sacred flame, so potent was its ability to will the refugees to not just survive, but to thrive, in their new homeland, secure in their faith, that they moved it from place to place to protect it from the vagaries of fate for almost a millennium, until it was re-enthroned in 1742 in Udvada.  This is our IranShah.

For centuries, the Zoroastrian communities of India thrived in the vicinity of Udvada, and supported it physically and financially. But during the last century a large number of Zoroastrians have moved all over Haft Keshvar Zameen. Today, more Zoroastrians live outside India than in India. So many in India and the diaspora believe that they owe their prosperity and wellbeing – in all senses of the word – to the blessings of our IranShah.

 IranShah lives in our hearts and mind as a testament to the continuity of our faith. Words are inadequate to truly describe what it means to so many individual Zoroastrians who have prayed before it and experienced the Divine Grace of Ahura Mazda. So, it is now up to all of us in India and around the world to participate in the IranShah Initiative to support this treasured institution spirituality, physically, financially in every possible manner. May Ahura Mazda bless our IranShah and our Zoroastrian community for all times to come!

Homi D Gandhi

Building A Generation Of Inspiration with Vision 2020  (Part 1 of 3)


Welcome to The Iranshah Initiative Video Time Capsule


  • Have you had a chance to visit IranShah and experience the bounty of its Sacredness?
  • What is your fondest experience of visiting Iranshah and Udvada?
  • What emotions, sensations and feelings rush through you while standing in front of Iranshah?
  • How did you learn about IranShah; was it at home, school or through self learning?
  • What emotions, sensations and feelings did you experience after building that special connection with Iranshah?
  • What do we aspire to give for our beloved Iranshah and Udvada in the next 10 years?
  • How are we going to achieve this?
  • What can you do in an individual or collective capacity?


The concept is simple. We want to know and hear from you!


This inspirational platform has been developed to create a VIDEO TIME CAPSULE regarding your thoughts, aspirations, feelings and experiences about our Dear Iranshah.


To share them simply log on to our website…  Record your video, upload and submit.  Eventually, we will create a VIDEO MONTAGE and share this in due course.


Perhaps a year or two from now, we will get the opportunity to see, how our individual or family relationships with Iranshah have grown, what we have achieved for Iranshah’s Glory, how we have achieved it and what we will continue to do, to keep this Holy Flame of Faith and Fortitude burning eternally.





The Flame Goes Higher
When Your Heart Is On Fire
May The Flame Of IranShah
Shine Near And Afar

IranShah’s Birthday Celebration:

TODAY April 21, 2020

All devotes who are unable to visit Udvada for Iranshah’s Salgirah this year on Adar Mahino Adar Roj YZ 1389, ie. Tuesday, 21st April 2020,

a Jashan will be performed at 9:30am and 8:15pm IST.

Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor has sent us a rendition of the

Atash Niyash and Tandarosti for all of us to listen to and pray along during the Jashan time and be spiritually aligned with Iranshah…


Global Virtual Congregational HumBandagi:

Morning Jashan Ceremony:
(APRIL 21, 2020)

9:30 AM IST

5:00 AM London, 12:00 PM Hong Kong,

8:00 AM Dubai, Pakistan: 9:00 AM

In United States And Canada


(APRIL 20, 2020)

Evening Maachi Prayers:

8:00 PM IST, 7:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM EST

3:30 PM London, 10:30 PM Hong Kong,

6:30 PM Dubai, Pakistan: 7:30 PM

Evening Jashan Ceremony:

8:15 PM IST,

7:45 AM PST, 10:45 AM EST

3:45 PM London, 10:45 PM Hong Kong,

6:45 PM Dubai, Pakistan: 7:45 PM

To Play This Special Celebration Prayers





As Your Birthday Gift To IranShah

We Ask You To Lift, Shift And Uplift – Someone’s Life

Happy Birthday Our Revered Iranshah –

May the radiance of your light fill our lives with life.

May your warmth kindle love, hope and joy

Amid current tribulations this world is going through.

With Our Love, Light,
Appreciation And Gratitude


Meher Amalsad, California, USA



Inspirational And Vibrational Doa Tun Dorosti 
By Our Super Star And Future Scholar 
Zerkxis Bhandara from California, USA
In Honor Of Our IranShah’s Birthday 
For The Wellbeing Of Our 
Global Zartoshti Community And Humanity
🙏Pray For Us 🙏
🙏 As We Pray For You🙏
❤❤❤And together❤❤❤
Let’s Heal This World
With One Soul At A Time
With All Our
Love, Light, Grace, Joy and Peace
With All The Best Always From
Meher Amalsad 
Westminster, California, USA
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