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Building A Generation Of Inspiration with Vision 2020 (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to The Iranshah Initiative
Video Time Capsule
In the words of French Novelist Anatole France…
To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
In today’s day and age, we face several challenges.
One in particular is the sanctity of our history, culture and religion.
As a result, planning is imperative.
Simply put, what would you want your children to know about Iranshah? 
What is it that you believe will inspire them and get excited enough to know more?
Tell us about your fondest experience, what it means to visit, how you learnt about the history or how you envisage the next generation keeping the fire burning forevermore.
Help us help them shape their future by sharing your thoughts, emotions, feelings, experiences about Iranshah.
We want to hear from you no matter how long or short the message is.
Many have had life changing experience at this Holiest of Holy Sacred Grove. Some call it miracle some call it life transforming. Whatever be your story, tell us about it and ignite or reignite that spark of faith and devotion in other hearts.
Join the Iranshah Initiative by contributing to the Time Capsule and be a part of our planning for history.

The IranShah Initiative Education With Vision 2020 Part 2 of 3

The IranShah Initiative
Education With Vision 2020
Part 2 of 3
Knowledge Is Precious
Wisdom Is Priceless
Happiness Is Infectious

How we can become an instrument of education 

Through our innate inspiration 
To bring about a transformation 
In our future generation.
By supporting these Prime-Star Goals Of The IranShah Initiative 
The Star Of Knowledge
Knowledge regarding the right understanding of wisdom and obedience with truthfulness; to become among those who are celebrated for spreading true accounts of the good religion through religious mentorship.
By virtue of acquiring the right knowledge we become instruments or channels of knowledge through our innate inspiration to bring about a transformation in the psyche of our community and dedicate our quest and endeavor to the Glory of IranShah!
The Stars Of Happiness And Wisdom 
It is interesting to observe that acquisition of wisdom goes hand in hand with happiness. One who is wise is also happy. Divinity enters the heart of the acquirer of wisdom and makes that individual experience “fresh and superior happiness.”

In Dinkard Book 3 it states that: Be it known that, whatever wisdom and happiness exist now, are owing to the principles that give strength of wisdom and the power of happiness. Among these, by means of the proper power appertaining to the soul, Ohrmazd reaches into the heart of the acquirer of wisdom, and the power of obtaining the wishes, reaches into the heart of the acquirer of wisdom. And on that wisdom reaching into the mind, a path is found by the mind that is obedient to Ohrmazd and is pure, to see what relates to the invisible; and so, man becomes worthy of fresh and superior happiness.”

May You Continue To Shine The Light Of Knowledge And Wisdom With Joy And Happiness.

Please continue to challenge us with your deep, probing and insightful questions. 

Using these learning opportunities, we need to stimulate and enrich our environment at a personal, communal and global level.

This means that we need to harness and use every form and facet of our environment to provide these opportunities and it also means that we need to use the enablers (of this platform) to truly become ‘enablers’ of happiness! 

Together, let us create a knowledge based eco-system of cross-learning, acquisition of wisdom and happiness for all, with the Blessings of IranShah! 

The IranShah Initiative – Donation With Vision 2020 (Part 1 of 2)

We are featuring this article since FEZANA has been instrumental in procuring donations

For The IranShah Initiative along with other Global Zarathushti Leaders.

The IranShah Initiative – Donation With Vision 2020 (Part 1 of 2)

From: Homi D. Gandhi, Immediate Past President, FEZANA

“There are no gods in the universe, no nations, no money, no human rights, and no justice outside of the common imagination of human beings,” says Yuval Noah Harari in his book Sapiens. Harari argues that humanity functions cooperatively because human beings created religions and belief systems, political societies, financial markets, judicial systems etc. That these common imagined realities “exert force in the world” because everyone believes in them.

When a community has a strong belief system it seeks to institutionalize it as a religion and pass it down to future generations. For millennia, our Zoroastrian forefathers did this by way of an oral tradition, formalized with prayer and rituals performed around the powerful symbol of Ahura Mazda – fire, the giver of light and life in open surroundings.

Then seeing the temples in Greece and Rome, our Zoroastrian kings began to build temple structures where the revered fire was enthroned for worship. Such is the longing of mere mortals to leave behind unforgettable monuments to their beliefs that future generations can never cast aside.

Our Zoroastrian ancestors who fled Iran and arrived in India did much the same: they established the first Atash Behram, meaning Victorious Fire, in Sanjan. So revered and important was this sacred flame, so potent was its ability to will the refugees to not just survive, but to thrive, in their new homeland, secure in their faith, that they moved it from place to place to protect it from the vagaries of fate for almost a millennium, until it was re-enthroned in 1742 in Udvada.  This is our IranShah.

For centuries, the Zoroastrian communities of India thrived in the vicinity of Udvada, and supported it physically and financially. But during the last century a large number of Zoroastrians have moved all over Haft Keshvar Zameen. Today, more Zoroastrians live outside India than in India. So many in India and the diaspora believe that they owe their prosperity and wellbeing – in all senses of the word – to the blessings of our IranShah.

 IranShah lives in our hearts and mind as a testament to the continuity of our faith. Words are inadequate to truly describe what it means to so many individual Zoroastrians who have prayed before it and experienced the Divine Grace of Ahura Mazda. So, it is now up to all of us in India and around the world to participate in the IranShah Initiative to support this treasured institution spirituality, physically, financially in every possible manner. May Ahura Mazda bless our IranShah and our Zoroastrian community for all times to come!

Homi D Gandhi

Building A Generation Of Inspiration with Vision 2020  (Part 1 of 3)


Welcome to The Iranshah Initiative Video Time Capsule


  • Have you had a chance to visit IranShah and experience the bounty of its Sacredness?
  • What is your fondest experience of visiting Iranshah and Udvada?
  • What emotions, sensations and feelings rush through you while standing in front of Iranshah?
  • How did you learn about IranShah; was it at home, school or through self learning?
  • What emotions, sensations and feelings did you experience after building that special connection with Iranshah?
  • What do we aspire to give for our beloved Iranshah and Udvada in the next 10 years?
  • How are we going to achieve this?
  • What can you do in an individual or collective capacity?


The concept is simple. We want to know and hear from you!


This inspirational platform has been developed to create a VIDEO TIME CAPSULE regarding your thoughts, aspirations, feelings and experiences about our Dear Iranshah.


To share them simply log on to our website…  Record your video, upload and submit.  Eventually, we will create a VIDEO MONTAGE and share this in due course.


Perhaps a year or two from now, we will get the opportunity to see, how our individual or family relationships with Iranshah have grown, what we have achieved for Iranshah’s Glory, how we have achieved it and what we will continue to do, to keep this Holy Flame of Faith and Fortitude burning eternally.





The Flame Goes Higher
When Your Heart Is On Fire
May The Flame Of IranShah
Shine Near And Afar

IranShah’s Birthday Celebration:

TODAY April 21, 2020

All devotes who are unable to visit Udvada for Iranshah’s Salgirah this year on Adar Mahino Adar Roj YZ 1389, ie. Tuesday, 21st April 2020,

a Jashan will be performed at 9:30am and 8:15pm IST.

Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor has sent us a rendition of the

Atash Niyash and Tandarosti for all of us to listen to and pray along during the Jashan time and be spiritually aligned with Iranshah…


Global Virtual Congregational HumBandagi:

Morning Jashan Ceremony:
(APRIL 21, 2020)

9:30 AM IST

5:00 AM London, 12:00 PM Hong Kong,

8:00 AM Dubai, Pakistan: 9:00 AM

In United States And Canada


(APRIL 20, 2020)

Evening Maachi Prayers:

8:00 PM IST, 7:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM EST

3:30 PM London, 10:30 PM Hong Kong,

6:30 PM Dubai, Pakistan: 7:30 PM

Evening Jashan Ceremony:

8:15 PM IST,

7:45 AM PST, 10:45 AM EST

3:45 PM London, 10:45 PM Hong Kong,

6:45 PM Dubai, Pakistan: 7:45 PM

To Play This Special Celebration Prayers





As Your Birthday Gift To IranShah

We Ask You To Lift, Shift And Uplift – Someone’s Life

Happy Birthday Our Revered Iranshah –

May the radiance of your light fill our lives with life.

May your warmth kindle love, hope and joy

Amid current tribulations this world is going through.

With Our Love, Light,
Appreciation And Gratitude


Meher Amalsad, California, USA



Inspirational And Vibrational Doa Tun Dorosti 
By Our Super Star And Future Scholar 
Zerkxis Bhandara from California, USA
In Honor Of Our IranShah’s Birthday 
For The Wellbeing Of Our 
Global Zartoshti Community And Humanity
🙏Pray For Us 🙏
🙏 As We Pray For You🙏
❤❤❤And together❤❤❤
Let’s Heal This World
With One Soul At A Time
With All Our
Love, Light, Grace, Joy and Peace
With All The Best Always From
Meher Amalsad 
Westminster, California, USA


                                                    GENESIS OF
                                      IRANSHAH UDVADA UTSAV  
                                           – Dinshaw K. Tamboly, 
                        Trustee, Foundation for Development of Udvada
History of Foundation for Development of Udvada (FDU):
Foundation for Development of Udvada (FDU) was established on September 22, 2003, and has already a very vibrant history.
FDU was formed purely due the initiative taken by Prime Minister Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi. In January 2002, during his stint as Chief Minister of Gujarat State he was present at the ‘Foundation Stone’ laying ceremony of the Institute of Hotel Management at Ahmedabad along with erstwhile Hon’ble Minister (Tourism & Culture), Government of India, Shri Jagmohan.
At that function he very graciously acknowledged the positive role played by the Parsi community in nation building, ever since their arrival from Persia over 1300 years ago.
Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi. mentioned that the most sacred religious place of Parsis was Udvada, where the holy fire – Iranshah – was perpetually maintained and appreciated that ever since the Parsis arrived as migrants they had abided by a code of conduct which preserved their identity without offending the sensitivities of any other community.
He went on to mention that Udvada today showcases the glorious history of the Parsi community of over 1300 years and thereafter made a suggestion to the erstwhile Hon’ble Minister (Tourism & Culture), Government of India, to project Udvada as a place of harmony, religious tolerance and opportunities provided to a miniscule community to realise their full potential. This was appreciated by the erstwhile Hon’ble Minister (Tourism & Culture), Government of India who held that Udvada symbolised one of the finest examples of the cultural tradition of our country.
Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi thereafter requested renowned hotelier, Mr. Jehangir Cama (now Late) who was present at the function with his wife Mehru to proceed in the direction of setting up suitable infrastructure of converting these thoughts into reality.
A proposal was thereafter submitted to the Government of India for providing certain basic facilities, which would enable the State of Gujarat to project Udvada as a unique place in our country symbolising traditions of tolerance, harmony and progress through partnership with the Parsi community.
The Government of India accepted this proposal and released a grant-in-aid amount of Rs. 97.27 lakhs to the Government of Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat has also allocated an amount of Rs. 24.32 lakhs for the project making a total of Rs. 121.59 lakhs.
It was the recommendation of the Government of Gujarat that the project should encompass the following areas:
Establish a Museum & Cultural Centre at Udvada.
Establish a Heritage Walk at Udvada.
Organise an annual festival of Parsis at Udvada, where Parsis from all parts of the world could congregate.
Organise a tourist circuit of the places where the holy fire – Iranshah – was lodged prior to installation at Udvada.
After discussions with various members of the Parsi community, it was decided to establish and register a Foundation to be managed by well known Parsi’s and a nominee of the Government of Gujarat, who would undertake responsibility of directing and executing the project. FDU was thus established as a result of the abovementioned initiatives.
Genesis of Iranshah Udvada Utsav (IUU):
In June 2014, Hon’ble Narendra Modi, just a couple of weeks after assuming office as Prime Minister, invited Dasturji Khurshed, Homai Engineer, late Jehangir Cama and me, all of us being connected with FDU to meet him and provide an overview of the strategic plan to develop Udvada as a pilgrim centre being undertaken by UADA (Udvada Area Development Authority) set up by the Government of Gujarat.
At that time he reiterated what he had mentioned earlier when FDU was under formation, that our community’s contribution towards nation building was without parallel. He reiterated that Udvada showcases the glorious history of the Parsi community of over 1300 years and repeating what he had told us earlier about his keen desire to project Udvada as a place of harmony, religious tolerance and opportunities, reminded us to organize the first ever festival at Udvada where Parsis from all over the world could congregate.
He urged us to organize Iranshah Udvada Utsav (IUU), when community members from all over the world would be able to visit Udvada, and participate in the celebrations. He also recommended that we plan the same, from time to time, sometime in December as many Indians residing overseas visit our country at that time of the year.
Honouring the wishes of our visionary and dynamic Prime Minister, Foundation for Development of Udvada & the Udvada Samast Anjuman along with a group of dedicated volunteers has together participated in bringing this project to fruition.
IUU – 2019 to be held on December 27-28-29, is the third such event following similar events held in 2015 & 2017.
A galaxy of eminent Parsees attended IUU – 2015, when Mr. Ratan Tata, the leading present day icon of our community was felicitated on December 27, 2015. Noted philanthropist Mr. Cyrus S. Poonawalla, Chairman, Serum Institute of India, has very graciously agreed to sponsor IUU – 2015 in memory of his loving wife Late Villoo C. Poonawalla. Late Cabinet Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley graced the occasion with his presence when Mr. Ratan Tata was felicitated.
IUU – 2017 was celebrated with equal enthusiasm and passion, with Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, Chief Minister, Gujarat State and Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister for Minority Affairs, Govt. of India, inaugurating the event. Eminent physician Dr. Farokh Udwadia was felicitated by H.E. Vice President of India Shri Venkaih Naidu. IUU – 2017 was sponsored by Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Pvt. Ltd and Gujarat Tourism.
Union Minister Hon’ble Mrs. Smriti Irani, has attended both the earlier editions of IUU and has confirmed her participation for IUU – 2019 as well. She has been friend, philosopher, guide and an ardent supporter of all our activities for which we are very honoured.
Trustees, volunteers, well wishers and supporters of FDU are all very grateful for the trust reposed in us by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi and supported the various initiatives undertaken by us.
All Parsi Irani Zoroastrians can take legitimate pride in the fact that Iranshah Udvada Utsav, is illustrative of the acknowledgement by our nation’s leader of the contributions made towards nation building by our miniscule community, adhering in letter and in spirit to the pledge of loyalty, our revered ancestors made when seeking sanctuary on Indian soil 1389 years ago.

IranShah Global Initiative 2020

Please Share This Email Within The Circle Of Your Family, 
Friends And Local Associations On December 27, 2019
The Flame Goes Higher 
When Your Heart Is On Fire
May The Flame Of IranShah
Shine On You And Your Family
IranShah Global Initiative 2020
A Celebration With 
Education, Inspiration and Donation
BaNaMeh Ahura Mazda
My dear Global Zarathushti Leaders:
With Immense Joy and Pride, coupled…
With the blessing of our High Priest of IranShah Udvada, Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, 
as well as unanimous support from all our Global Zarathushti Adult and Youth Leaders…
We would like to announce this very special Global launch of
The IranShah Initiative 
At the 2019 Udvada Ustav on Dec 27.
Under the guidance of FEZANA VP Arzan Wadia, this interactive website has been created by our very own IranShah Initiative Ambassador Tinaz Karbhari from Hong Kong, for our Future Generation across the globe to get involved through Education, Inspiration and Donation.
On this website, we have a Special Icon titled: ASK NOSHIR for our future generation to liaise directly with him for any specific queries pertaining to IranShah.
Our immense gratitude to our BPP Trustee, Noshir Dadrawalla  for his scholastic guidance and kind support towards this first step on promoting Global Education about Iranshah.
This website will be launched at the opening ceremony after the iconic presentation of our very own FEZANA President Homi Gandhi.
For more details, please visit…
Furthermore,  for the first time in the history of Iranshah…
We are also planning for a Global Birthday Celebration in honor of IranShah on April 21, 2020.
And would like to get you all involved as an integral part of this unifying Global Initiative in honor of our Sacred IranShah.
More information about this Celebration to follow in January 2020.
In the meantime…
Here is some exciting news at a Global Level:
1. FOZYA under the Leadership of President Mabrin Nanavatti,  is committed to mobilize our Zoroastrian Youth of India by promoting this launch via a special session organized by FOZYA on December 27, at the
28th All India Zoroastrian Youth Meet, Panchgani December 27-29, 2019
2. Jehaan Kotwal, our Global Youth Director of World Zarathushti Chamber Of Commerce,  has graciously offered to promote this initiative among our Global Zarthushti Youth Entrepreneurs and inspire them to participate actively.
3. Mojdeh Hamavand, Chair of the Zoroastrian Youth Of North America, ZYNA (FEZANA) has graciously offered to reach out to our Zoroastrian Youth Of North America.
4.  Sherri Kapadia, Chair of the 2023 8th World Zoroastrian Youth in United Kingdom and Chair of the Young Zoroastrian Group of ZTFE, has offered to reach out to our Zoroastrian Youth of United Kingdom.
5. IranShah Initiative Representatives from our Motherland Iran
From Tehran: Kaveh Gheibi
From Kerman: Arash Khosropour
From Yazd:  Sasan Foroodi
From Shiraz: Behnam Khodadadi
6. IranShah Initiative Representatives from Pakistan
A. Kermin Parakh, Principal
     BVS Parsi Boys High School
B. Furengeez Tampal, Principal
     Mama Parsi Girls High School
C. Natasha Mavalvala, Joint Secretary
     Young Men Zoroastrian Association
7. IranShah Initiative Representative from Singapore
Xerxes Ghista [Parsi Zoroastrian Association of Singapore (PZAS)]
8. IranShah Initiative Ambassador and Representative from Hong Kong
Tinaz Karbhari  (The Incorporated Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hongkong, Canton and Macao)
9. IranShah Initiative Representative from New Zealand
Delshad Sidhwa [Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand  (ZANZ)]
10. IranShah Initiative Representatives from Australia

Adil Bodhanwalla [Zoroastrian Association Of Victoria  (ZAV)]

Bravo To All Of Them For Their Unconditional Support.
Let’s Join Hands With Each Other
And Walk Together 
As Torch Bearers of
The Light Of IranShah
Be Blessed and Stay Blessed.
Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2020
To You And Your Respective Families.
With Love, Light, Appreciation and Gratitude 
Meher Amalsad, Westminster, California, USA
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