In my darkest hour

When in darkness

I did grope

I knew that

There was a

Slight glimmer of hope


If one has ever

Experienced having

Dark clouds

Surrounding you

From which there

Is no escape

Power of Prayers

Is the Ray of Hope


No matter what

One Prays

For matter

What language

if one has absolute

Faith and prays

With sincerity

Surely there will

Be “Opening of the Gates”


Stay the course

No matter what

I can hear HIm say”:

“Lean on Me

I  surely will  be

There until

The Last Tear

Drop Falls”


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

Aug 28th 2020



  • it would be nice, m/s farida if in your poem, refer to the word HIM and it would be proper to use the word DIVINE.
    the word divine will not refer to any gender for the Almighty.
    see it it makes sense to my comment.

  • Wonderful words.

  • Its all good and that why its a poem. Feelings are well expresses and well understood in this poetic form. Poem do not have to be technically perfected.

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