Benaifer K Mehta’s Chalk Art – the Flavour of Festive Seasons for Decades

Adding a dash of her special creativity to personal celebrations and cultural events, Benaifer Khushroo Mehta has been sprinkling vivid hues in patterns of her chalk art for more than three decades now. Rangoli being the taste of the season with an array of festivities coming up, takes a dekko at Benaifer’s heart-warming chalk splendour.

After the dampening spells of monsoon, colours in nature have started popping up, bright and refreshed. Along with the pleasant weather, sunnier days and hovering dragonflies, the month of October is here to recharge your mood with an array of festivities. This is also the time when Rangoli is the taste of the season. The colours in nature become a divine inspiration and what emerges is a melange of hues in a plethora of patterns. Creating designs on ground/floor using rice powder, limestone powder, flowers or coloured sand is rooted in many of the celebrations of India and the Subcontinent. Considered to bring good omen, the art form is practised on various events, including religious, personal and cultural fests.

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