Words Can Hurt Words Can Heal 2

Words of discrimination
Are sharp and piercing
As though one’s
Insides are tearing
It might just be one
Word or look that
Conveys  a word
But the memory sticks
( Ahmed Jakda)
Chew one’s words
Before one speaks
Think them over
Before they leak
People who lack
Self confidence
Are  underachievers
 Do cobwebs weave
Be deaf ears
To these naysayers
They are just balls of fluff
Discard them as they
Are upto no snuff
When we travel the
Pathways & byways
Of Life
We face lots of struggles
As well strife
We will come across
Some who will take you
Down the wrong pathway
Do not flinch or cower
But by having Faith
In one’s Prayers
As well using one’s Vohu Mano
You will be
Able to say:
“I did it My Way”!!!
Choicest Happiness

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