Looking for Piloo Narielwala

I am writing to seek your help in locating the family of P A Narielvala.  He was known as Piloo Narielvala.  His wife’s name was Feroza.  I think they had a daughter called Roshan, who may have married and moved to Pakistan.
I am researching Mr. Narielvala’s life for background information on a person known as Princess Niloufer.  I understand that Mr Narielvala treated the Princess almost as a daughter.   His name comes up again and again in her papers.  I wanted to know if Mr. Narielvala has left behind any photo albums, letters, diaries ets.  Mr.  Narielvala was once the head of the Nehru Memorial Library.  During his lifetime, Mr. Narielvala was also known to be a direct friend of Jawaharlal Nehru.
Please let me know how I can have this search posted on your website.  I am also interested in locating the family of Hilla Rustomji, for the same reason.
With regards,
Arvind Acharya
New Rochelle, NY 10804


  • He was never known as Piloo it was either Phirosha or Pan . Roshan was his wife Phiroza’s sister and Zareen is Roshan’s daughter .
    Nilopher was from the family of the Nizam of Hyderabad . She was very close to Pan and Phiroza . Beyond that I know nothing more on Nilopher

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