Norooz Phirooze 3

It’s that time

Of year again!

21st of March

When Nature from

It’s slumber wakes

Bursting forth from

The winter harsh


It’s time to make

New friendships

Strengthen ones

That are old

Let’s not forget

The victims of the

Pandemic as well

The near and dear ones

We have lost


Let’s join in unity

As well be one with Asha

Scatter the seeds of

Hope Love truth

Message spread by

Asho Zarthushtra


In every pocket of the world

Wars are being fought

We see it on tv

As well we read

The havoc being caused

Too many lives are being lost

Way too much blood is being shed

Let’s being the New Year

With a simple prayer:

Hamazor Hamaa Asho Baad!

Choicest Happiness



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