SHÂHNÂMEH – help required

I am currently rewritting the Shanameh through an open source project:
This project produces automatically a web site that represents the final shanameh book:
I am looking for people that can help me by provinding whatever is relevant to grow up this project.
Henri d’Orgeval


  • Burjor M. Daboo

    I just got 7 Volumes of Shahnameh in pdf. it could be Useful for your research.

    • Delnaz Rummy Bhandari

      Sir, I request you to email me the volumes of The Shahnameh. I have been intrested in them since childhood. Would be wonderful to be able to read all of them.. Your’s Obliged, Delnaz Rummy

    • Hello, thanks for your proposal, can you tell me in which language they are written? I have already the 7 volumes in french language.

    • Hello Burjor, I would be very glad if you could send me those files. Thanks.

  • Hello Henri,

    I saw your website with blank spaces for the kings of the Pishdadian and Kayanian Dynasties. I have developed years ago, coffee table books which provides abbreviated short stories for each king at the time with relevant picture copied from original miniature paintings. I have the books and the PDFs for the dynasties that you’re looking for.

    Before I could proceed with your request, could you tell me a bit more about yourself – who you are affiliated with and what is your position. You can communicate with me by e-mail at

    Jal Dastur

    • Hello Jal, thank you for your interest.

      The web site is a work in progress and there are still many dynasties to cover.

      I am looking for different type of information that I miss on my side:

      1°) I have developed a tool to extract automatically all interesting terms in order to build a lexicon. You can see this lexicon at :
      For some words, I have gathered some information like :
      But for the vast majority of the lexicon, I have no details at all: for example the term ‘Khar-Reï’ is a place but I have no geographical map or any other type of infos that enables me to locate this place.
      So I am looking for documents like ancient dictionaries or ancient maps, so that I can provide some explanation for each term in the lexicon.

      2°) All my work is currently based on 7 pdf files, which are a french translation done in 1876.
      I am looking for additional documents like separate xxxx-nameh (for example the djemschid-nameh)

      3°) I am looking for illustrations/drawings


      • Sound like you are trying to write a good book of Shah-Nameh using other people’s material and getting credit for yourself, and you just mention their names but ” No recognition ” Plagiarism ” amongst Shah-Nameh Writers!

      • @Abolghasem Sam Fadaei:

        Dear Sir, my goal is not to write a good book and retain all the credits.

        My goal is to start an open source project where all printed assets concerning the Shanameh are translated into modern digital assets like for example the Mardown format. This type of format enables to dynamically build any kind of other digital asset from it, like for example a web site or a book like the one you can read at This modern format will also enable to study the Ferdousi text in a way that was never possible before.

        I admit I started from scratch with the resources I found in my mother language and with no prior knowledge, in the hope it will create some traction for more knowledgeable people.

        Firdousi itself has written somewhere at the end of the shahnameh : “Le livre ancien qui raconte les paroles et les actions des hommes de bien a vieilli et j’en fais un livre nouveau, de manière à rappeler la mémoire de ces hommes qui portaient haut la tête ; il sera composé de six fois dix mille distiques, en belles paroles propres à consoler les chagrins.”

        Maybe this sentence will help people reading this post to put in perspective what I try to achieve with this open source project.


    • Hello Jal,

      Thank you for your interest.

      The web site is a work in progress, and there are still many dynasties that must be covered.

      My work is currently based on 7 french pdf files of the Shah-Nameh written in 1876.

      I am looking for three types of information:

      1°) The first type of information is ancient dictionaries and maps that could explain the many names and terms found in the Shah-Nameh.
      I have developed a tool to automatically extract from the books all the interesting words , nouns an so on. You can see this lexicon at:
      For a very few words I have been able to provide some kind of explanation: here is an example for the term Ahriman :
      But for the vast majority of extracted terms I have no information at all.

      2°) The second type of information is to have access to additional books like the xxxx-nameh: for example the djemschid-nameh;

      3°) I am also looking for an artist/illustrator that could provide its own work and its own vision;

      My dream would be to get in contact with true Destours or Dikhans or Mobeds or Pelewan.

      I do all this on my spare time and this is a personal initiative and I know this journey will take me years to achieve.


  • I am the Shah-Nameh expert, I can help but I have sciatic pain!
    if you call me we can talk about this!405 474 4104 I ln USA

  • Dear friend, I really don’t know why you are doing this? the “Shahname” already exists and is printed in millions of copies both as hard copy and also soft copies (electronic files) and if you are a Parsi brother and you want to understand it more deeply all you have to do is to spend a little time and learn Farsi language to read it in its original tongue because only by doing this you can understand the soul of the book. I am sure a lot of Iranian Zoroastrians and also Iranians are ready to help you to fulfill this task. I have the pdf file of Shahnameh in farsi and english and I sent them to the email you gave above which was :

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