SHÂHNÂMEH – help required

I am currently rewritting the Shanameh through an open source project:
This project produces automatically a web site that represents the final shanameh book:
I am looking for people that can help me by provinding whatever is relevant to grow up this project.
Henri d’Orgeval


  • Burjor M. Daboo

    I just got 7 Volumes of Shahnameh in pdf. it could be Useful for your research.

    • Delnaz Rummy Bhandari

      Sir, I request you to email me the volumes of The Shahnameh. I have been intrested in them since childhood. Would be wonderful to be able to read all of them.. Your’s Obliged, Delnaz Rummy

    • Hello, thanks for your proposal, can you tell me in which language they are written? I have already the 7 volumes in french language.

  • Hello Henri,

    I saw your website with blank spaces for the kings of the Pishdadian and Kayanian Dynasties. I have developed years ago, coffee table books which provides abbreviated short stories for each king at the time with relevant picture copied from original miniature paintings. I have the books and the PDFs for the dynasties that you’re looking for.

    Before I could proceed with your request, could you tell me a bit more about yourself – who you are affiliated with and what is your position. You can communicate with me by e-mail at

    Jal Dastur

    • Hello Jal, thank you for your interest.

      The web site is a work in progress and there are still many dynasties to cover.

      I am looking for different type of information that I miss on my side:

      1°) I have developed a tool to extract automatically all interesting terms in order to build a lexicon. You can see this lexicon at :
      For some words, I have gathered some information like :
      But for the vast majority of the lexicon, I have no details at all: for example the term ‘Khar-Reï’ is a place but I have no geographical map or any other type of infos that enables me to locate this place.
      So I am looking for documents like ancient dictionaries or ancient maps, so that I can provide some explanation for each term in the lexicon.

      2°) All my work is currently based on 7 pdf files, which are a french translation done in 1876.
      I am looking for additional documents like separate xxxx-nameh (for example the djemschid-nameh)

      3°) I am looking for illustrations/drawings


    • Hello Jal,

      Thank you for your interest.

      The web site is a work in progress, and there are still many dynasties that must be covered.

      My work is currently based on 7 french pdf files of the Shah-Nameh written in 1876.

      I am looking for three types of information:

      1°) The first type of information is ancient dictionaries and maps that could explain the many names and terms found in the Shah-Nameh.
      I have developed a tool to automatically extract from the books all the interesting words , nouns an so on. You can see this lexicon at:
      For a very few words I have been able to provide some kind of explanation: here is an example for the term Ahriman :
      But for the vast majority of extracted terms I have no information at all.

      2°) The second type of information is to have access to additional books like the xxxx-nameh: for example the djemschid-nameh;

      3°) I am also looking for an artist/illustrator that could provide its own work and its own vision;

      My dream would be to get in contact with true Destours or Dikhans or Mobeds or Pelewan.

      I do all this on my spare time and this is a personal initiative and I know this journey will take me years to achieve.


  • I am the Shah-Nameh expert, I can help but I have sciatic pain!
    if you call me we can talk about this!405 474 4104 I ln USA

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