Religions are like

An orchard of different

Fruit trees awaiting your

Arrival to suck the

Pristine message within


All religions are

The same

Cause no single

Religion is superior

Or inferior

But on the same playing field

Religion is like a

Charter of Rights

Within it are

Carved the

Dos and don’t

To guide you safely

To the “Other side


We have an alter ego

Called Conscience

It pricks when

We stray from

The Path

Reminding us

To trudge the

Path of straight

And narrow


I am proud to

State that

I am a  Zoroastrian

Belonging to a

Religion call Zoroastrianism

Whom I have grown to

Love and Trust

An uncut clear

Crystal Diamond

A diamond in the rough

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

May the 14t 2021



  • Sorry. I disagree. All religions are NOT the same.

  • hello farida Bamji: relgions are the Branches of THE TREE of the DIVINE. therefore why are non zorastrians embrace the branch of Zorastrianism. this can only occur on a BIRTH hierarchy. kindly debunk or clarify you and mind mindset. thanks

  • Dear Rustom
    When your soul leaves the body & crosses the threshold you mean to say that you will be getting Ring Side Seats?

  • Dear Khushroo
    I believe when we cross over to the other side there is no soul superior or inferior nor distinguished between colour caste or creed Nor will we get special treatment because one is Zoroastrian

  • Guys get your facts straight

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