• Fascinating

  • Ervad Jamshed Karkaria

    Really worth watching. Excellent.

    • Mrs Pervin Bajina

      Fantastic and mind blowing also shows us the history of Persians beautiful country to be proud of .would like to see some more to keep Zorastrian culture alive.per

  • Faredoon K Maravala

    It’s not the height of the peak that is important it’s the Religious importance that is immeasurable. I have witnessed the splendour of DEMAVAND KOH SAHEB

  • Parinaz Chinoy

    The Grandeur of The Demavand Koh Saheb is truly mesmerising.. .. ..

  • I wonder how many Zarathushtis feel the same way – the way as described by Faredoon Maravala? Perhaps, not too many!!

    Ervad Jal Dastur

  • I admire & respect Damavand Saheb

  • The epitome of Zoroastrian piety. Damavand manifests & signifies purity and characteristic spirit of Zoroastrian culture. It’s my pride to have my genealogy traced from the blessed land.

  • Respect to the mountain and it’s creator.

  • PERSIA OUR MADERE VATAN, proud to b born ZORASTRIAN, bless us all 🙏🤲🙏

  • Farrokh Noshir Kamdin

    Very informative, highly enlightening. Had always heard about it from my childhood days. I would however welcome some more information on it’s religious connection. Whilst I do have some information, I am not sure of it’s authenticity.
    Farrokh Noshir Kamdin

  • Would love to go there some day

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