“Mother Irani passed away peacefully in her sleep early this morning.
Jer was 94. She played the role of both mother and father to me, since she was 32.
What a spirit she was.
Filled with funny stories that only she could tell.
The longest arm that always dug deep into her pockets, even when there wasn’t much there. When she sent me to the movies, she made sure all the compound kids came with me. ‘Don’t forget the popcorn’ she would say.
She loved her food and her songs and she could fact-check Wikipedia and IMDb in a flash. Sharp, sharp, sharp, till the very end.
She always said ‘“You are not an actor for people to praise you. You are an actor only so you can make people smile.”
“Make people happy” She said.
Last night she asked for Malai Kulfi and some mango.
She could have asked for the moon and the stars if she wished.
She was, and always will be…….A Star.”


  • Very sorry to hear the sad news. Boman must be traumatised as he simply doted on her. Garothman Behest is wished for her noble soul. Sarosh Yazad Panah Baad…

  • Its a pain no one else could feel & understand. We can only stand behind you Boman and ask you to stay strong. May her soul rest in peace. Prayers.

  • All of us owe a deep sense of gratitude to our mothers and grandmothers for making us who we are . The community’s reputation has been moulded by them

  • Rustom M Ghadial

    Convey our heartfelt condolences to B0man n family.
    May her soul rest in Peace.

  • Dr Yasmin Percy Chibber.

    She led a wonderful life and helped you to do the same and cherish her memory.

  • Dear Boman, kindly accept my family’s heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Garothman Behesht Hojoji 🙏🏻

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