The Good Minds – Bachi & Dinshaw Tamboly



Starting with  – Early childhood, Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly on meeting his wife Bachi – his childhood sweetheart. 

3:30   Professional lives. Research and Philanthropy: Forming teams.

13:50  Progressing and ACTION: working collaboratively with people 

18:00 Solving problems – with foresight for future development with flexibility.

21:00  An idea — over a thousand cups of tea…  Discussion to outcome – building communities. 

24:10  The growth of poverty and a loss of population

27:30  The development of interconnected care-centres. Further growth.

30:20  The role of Divinity – the Sanjaan sanitorium; Belief, Vision to mission Self -sustaining. 

33:50  Dinshaw explains further – the role of transparency in working with public funds.

36:31  The role of the International organisations – due-diligence towards furthering welfare.

41:33 Making others stronger – a satisfying journey. 

44:40 On criticism – ‘If you throw a brick at me – it lands as a rose’; Working with the Athornan Mandal for for our Respected full time Mobeds. 

49:52 Forward thinking, practical approach and team spirit …watch this space. 

51:32 Responding in the Now – Science and Knowledge.

56:44 Facilitating a World wide approach. 

57:49 On overcoming challenges and building a Fellowship; From adversity creating opportunity. 

1:00:45 The Legacy and onwards – being Dinshaw Papa and Bachi Mama to the family and the World Zoroastrian Community. 

BA (Economics), B.Com (Accounting & Audit),
Partner in family business Mazda Elevator Co for many years,
Proprietor of three textile showrooms at Navsari.
Trustee in WZO Trusts and Mancherji E. Joshi Education Trust.

Masters in Sales & Modern Marketing Management.
Served in corporate sector for many years and thereafter started consultancy services providing management and marketing related business consultancy services, to various leading Indian corporations in developing and promoting exports to the sophisticated markets on the continents of North America & Europe.
Trustee in WZO Trusts and various other Trusts.

Both believe they have been truly blessed by divinity to have been given the opportunity to get involved in uplifting lives of those challenged in various ways.

Grateful thanks to Dr. Karishma Koka for her enthusiastic and tireless efforts always!

Comment from Maharukh Chichgar –


  • Thank you so much for this video watch of Seth Dinshaw and Bachi Tamboly. Blessed we are to have these great humble couple who have sacrificed their lives for the community. Both have done true selfless work of helping the community, unconditionally. I belong to Navsari and I have known both Dinshaw seth and Bachi aunty serving the Parsis of Navsari and it’s nearby villages. We have heard a lot about great Parsis of India and my generation saw such humble Parsis..JRD, Ratan Tata, seth Shapoorji Jokhi, Seth Dinshaw and Bachi Tamboly.. the latter we know personally too. We salute them and pray to our Dadare Ahuramazda, Ameshashpands, Yashts, Farishtas and Mogeb sahebs to bless them a long healthy life.

  • Rustom Jasoomoney

    If there was a concept of Kinghhood among us Parsi’s. Bachi and Dinshawji would definitely be honored for their credible social service to the community

  • Adil D Bodhanwalla


  • Ervad Framroze Sorabji Mirza

    This are the persons whose works speaks for them and it’s my good fortune to work with them till date . Such humanitarian also pushes you to do something going out of way which would help the society in today pandemic times. Through Dinshawji I have really learned how one should progress leaving aside all sorts of criticism which is a devil’s way to restrict your duties towards mankind. May God give them a healthy life to guide us to fulfill commitments for serving humanity. SHREE PAK DADAR AHURAMAZD NI DUA ANE MADAD HOJOJI.

  • Shernavaz Cooper .

    Hats off to you both, Bachi and Dinshaw for your fantastic work, dedication and empathy for the Zoroastrian Community . God Bless you both with best of health and happiness.
    Also, a big thank you to the most generous donors for providing funds to help the poor,the aged and the sick of our community.

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