Discrimination and Persecution in Ancient Iran

“How is it you can love the Creator but hate what He created?”
― Carlos Wallace

Once upon a time

In the land of Persia

(Now called Iran)

Lived the followers

Of Asho Zarathustra

They were a very

Hard working

Simple folk

Toiling from sunrise

To sunset

Whose needs

As well wants

Were very few


One morning

As the sun rose

Over the horizon

Birds chirping gaily

In the trees

Flowers swaying in the breeze

Out of nowhere

In the distance

One could hear the

Gathering of dust

Thundering sound of

the marauding hordes

As they rode through the streets

Putting our fellow Zoroastrians

To the sword

Swatting them like flies

Alas ! the land of Asho Zarathuhstra

From where we originated

Right and left

Were being decimated


There was raping pillaging

Raiding kidnapping

all around

All sorts of torture was

Was applied to strangle

These innocent people

What crime did they ever perpetuate?

The only sin they perpetuated

was being a Zoroastrian


The Zoroastrian community

Had lost of hope

In the darkness they did grope

Long last a saviour came along

His name Maneckji Limji Hataria


He  was a social activist

Decided to ameliorate

The conditions  of

Our fellow Zoroastrians

Free them from

The iron shackles

So that they could live

And breathe free!!


He toiled day and night

He left no stone unturned

Freeing every last Zoroastrian

He did not falter or cower

But had a spine and stood tall..

Cause in the end he knew

Ahura Mazda will be there

When the last tear drop falls


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

June 27th 2021




  • Firstly,We can’t deny that there were many belief system had existed in Persia. We all have to see both side of a coin. It’s not a soap opera nor a fairy tale. Didn’t we aware of a famous phrase “You can’t handle the Truth” ( 1992 American legal drama film)?
    Didn’t Cyrus the Great, king of the Persians, successfully conquer or COLONIZE the Medes? . Didn’t Cyrus continue to expand the Persian territory to the west and to gain control of vital trade routes?.Didn’t our Persian forefathers pay attention, whether or not the local tribes from Persian colonized area accept the Persian political control?.

  • Even If he did he didn’t abuse Human Rights!!!

  • Did he or not free the Jews from the clawsvof the Pharoahs

  • Forgot to mention it if Cyrus hadn’t been the champion of human rights, his Cylinder would not be adorning halls of the United Nations.

  • I understand that we should not forgotten our forefathers traces.However, at the same time, instead of mourning the past, should’t we all built for stronger Zoroastrianism existence?.
    Why didn’t we expose of the same Iranian race of other belief system systematically persecuting fellow Zoroastrians or the same Persian race ,discriminating among the same race of fellow Zoroastrians?.Cheers.

  • If we want a stronger Zoroastrian religion then get rid of Discrimination hatred racism & bigotry

  • Exactly,I second it. Cheers,

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