Who are we as humans

To practice RDB

Against  another human?

No matter what colour

Caste creed

Or no matter what

Walk of life

Rich poor beggar thief


We do not a minute

Hesitate to vehemently express

Our views on every single aspects

That affect our lives

But why not our Religion

Cause we expect Him

To be there

To catch us in

His safety net


We should learn a

Very valuable lesson

From Covid 19

It wraps it’s icy claws

Sticks to one like a leech

Without making any distinction

No matter what denomination

Zoroastrians are no exceptions


Pandemics will come

Pandemics will go

Will some wooden hearts melt ?

We will never know


Choicest Happiness


Farida Bamji

Sept 23rd 2020


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