With all the upheavals and struggles going around in the world today, the set of predictions made by Jamasp Saheb seem to be coming to life and appear much closer than what we might have perhaps anticipated in the past.

Here is an interesting translation of “The Prognostications of the Last Millennium” from Jamasp Namak:


King Vishtasp asked Jamasp, “what prognostications and signs do there appear for the coming time, for the coming of those my children?”

So the question is about the last generation of the coming apostles Hoshedar, etc.

Jamasp the astrologer said to him that when the time of Hoshedar would appear, these several signs shall necessarily appear.

The first is this, that the nights will be brighter.

The second is this, that (the star) Haptoring (constellation of the Bear) will leave its place and will turn in the direction of Khorasan.

The third is this, that the intercourse of persons one with another, will be great.

The fourth is this, that the breach of faith, which they will make at that time, will have quicker and greater results.

The fifth is this, that mean persons will be more powerful.

The sixth is this, that wicked persons will be victorious.

The seventh is this, that the Drujs (i.e., evil powers) will be more oppressive.

The eighth is this, that the magic and tricks which they will perform in those times, will be very bad.

The ninth is this, that the noxious creatures, like the tigers, the wolves, and four clawed animals will do great harm.

The tenth is this, that misinformed persons will commit great oppression upon the Dasturs of religion.

The eleventh is this, that the injury to the Dasturs of religion will be unlawful; they (the evil people) will take their property by force and will speak evil of them.

The twelfth is this, that the blowing of the summer and winter winds shall not be useful.

The thirteenth is this, that affection for pleasure will be prevalent.

The fourteenth is this, that those who are born at that time will reach death more (i.e., die more) in a miserable way and in untimely way (i.e., they will die an untimely miserable death).

The fifteenth is this, that respectable persons in spite of their respectful position, will practice too much of untruthfulness, injustice, and false evidence. Death, old age, unchecked pride, and strength will overtake (lit. reach) all countries. Then there will come the Dastur of the world (i.e., Hoshedar) The apostle will cleanse the whole country.

The sixteenth is this, that the two caves which are in Seistan will be destroyed and the seas of the cities will carry away the water and the whole of Seistan will be full of water.


We certainly do observe a few of these predictions already coming to fruition and can only wonder and pray that when everything is said and done, the pious souls will go unscathed.

– Ervad Jal Dastur


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