The Duke’s Story

Dinshawji Pandole, the Parsi founder of the Duke’s Cold Drink Company in Mumbai. Dinshawji originally was a School Teacher by profession, but his first love was the game of cricket and he was good at the sport. A great bowler, he led the historic Parsi Cricket Team that was selected to tour England in 1888. On that tour, he is said to have taken a total of 86 wickets in the series, using a particular type of ball he preferred, made by Duke & Sons. Shortly after he returned to Mumbai from the cricket tour of England, he inherited some money and decided to start a Soft Drink Bottling Factory. Since the Duke’s brand of cricket ball had proved so lucky for him, Dinshaw decided that would be an auspicious name for his Soft Drink Company as well. Since then, the taste of Duke’s cold drinks, particularly Mangola, has likely bowled many a maiden over..??

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