Zoroastrian legacy on Freedom Icons. Critical Zoroastrian support to Mahatma Gandhi on his initial apartheid movement in South Africa (human rights and equality), the Indian Independence, which then greatly inspired the American Civil rights movement

Time: Sep 2, 2021 07:30 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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  • Culminates with impact of Zoroastrian influence on the biggest Freedom Icons.
  • Critical Zoroastrian support and influence on Mahatma Gandhi’s on:
  • Initial apartheid movement in the 19th Century in South Africa (human rights)
  • Indian Independence movement (freedom from colonial suppression).
  • This served as an inspiration and a springboard for the Civil Rights Movement
  • For Civil Rights Hero and Icon Martin Luther King (MLK)
  • MLK is reported to have revered Gandhi and his non-violence movement
  • Serum Institute Human rights gesture on Vaccines/public health


This is a team effort by Zoroastrians for Zoroastrians. All of you can help our community with this awareness

Sam Billimoria

In 1993, I was able to get an audience with then U.S. congressman Ed Royce to provide him the evidence of copious mention of Cyrus the Great and The Achaemenian Dynasty in the Old Bible as the “anointed one of God,” pioneering the first Human rights in History. Based on that evidence the Hon. Congressman, after due process, was very pleased to issue a Proclamation which stated “The immense and timeless contribution of the Zoroastrian community to Human Rights, Democracy, History and Civilization.” He was also pleased to forward “The Dawn of consciousness,” a video made by Silloo Mehta, on basic understanding of the Zoroastrian religion, to the Library of Congress. It was readily accepted and placed in the Congress Library by the Chief Librarian. I was also appointed to the Hon. Congressman’s advisory sub-committee on Human rights and South-East Asia following the 9/11 tragedy in 2001.


  • Zoroastrianism stands for Freedom Equality, treatment of humans with respect humility understanding dignity
    As per Cyrus Cylinder: treat people the way you liked to be treated. Not like a slave to poked & prodded waiting to be bought..

  • Where can we find the text or video on 1st & 2nd webinar on DISCUSSION AND PRESENTATION TIMELESS ZOROASTRIAN LEGACY

  • Firoze (Phil) D. Avari

    This is the most interesting of all the three Timeless Zoroastrian Legacy webinars presented by Mr. Sam Billimoria. I encourage all Zoroastrians living in USA & Canada and India to at least watch the third presentation.

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