Common Sense Reasoning and Fatwas

I have nothing against

The “Establishment” but

The attitude they portray

As though “They are the Alpha

And  the Omega”

(Keepers of the Faith)

Save you from any

Calamity that is thrown

Your way!


Humanity has been endowed

With Common Sense as well

The Power of Reasoning

So even if tells one to do something

Weigh one’s option before one executes it


Just because one bades one

To jump in the well

I wonder whether one would jump

Stand up have a spine

An say” After you”

That will stop  that person

Issuing the Fatwas in his/her tracks


Just because

One is a priest

Cannot order people

Around or issue Fatwas

Cause one doesn’t have

Monopoly over wisdom


The day “Fatwa issuing People”

Perform  miracles

Like Moses did parting of

The Red Sea or if one

Is able make the variants

Disappear and heal sick

Or as Asho Zarathushtra cured the horse

May be I would believe it


No human whether a lay or priest

Can perform miracles

So stopyour idiotic nonesical fatwas

By ordering people around


So stop listening and use one’s

Common sense as well as

Power Reasoning

Including have Faith one’s Prayers

That’s the only way to lead

One’s life ( deaf dumb blind)

As they say:

“You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul”


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji



  • Hi Farida,

    May I know who is issuing Fatwa, please come out with the name, instead of just hidding the name and saying something without any proper evidence

  • Rustom M Ghadiali

    Very well must hv faith in our prayers.
    We are responsible for our action.So why dictate our community with fatwa.

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