Nobody owns the religion

So dictating someone

What one can & do

Goes against the very thread

Of Tenets of Zoroastrianism

Cause we have No Rules


Equality as well Universality

Is the very core of our

Religion so by preventing

Someone to follow the religion

Smacks of Racism discrimination

Bigotry as well Exclusion


Zoroastrianism is shifting

Into quicksand

So trying to make the

Blue blood understand

Is like  breaking one’s head

Against the  Stone Wall

Only when the catastrophe strikes

They will understand that He

Won’t be there when the last

Tear drop falls like the

(Omicron Virus alive and kicking)


Acts like these do not

Go unpunished

Cause there is a consequence

One will only realize it

And gives  the punishment

He see fit


One can pay cash

Or credit card

To secure a place

In “Heaven

That’s not how

Ahura Mazda operates

He Believes in

Equal Justice for all

No matter who you be

Colour Caste religion or creed

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

17th Jan 2022



  • This poem is in response to a Zoroastrian Woman was excommunicated because she married outside the religion
    Nobody has the Right to take such a law into ones hand cause you guys are not the Anointed ones

  • We are not your Puppets On a String

  • I personally feel that since one is born into a particular religion, only he or she has the right to renounce it.

  • Most people follow the religion they are born into.
    No one prevents anyone from from following the tenets of Zoroastrian faith.
    They are available in the library or on Zoom . God is everywhere .
    Temples , Mosques, Fire Temples are buildings. One can find god in nature , the earth, water , air for
    they are his creations of god where as buildings are created by humans.

  • My thoughts exactly.. Lead your life the way you want me Nobody has right to dominate your life.
    One is a captain of one’s fate & master one’s soul

  • Farida Bamji has sweetly summarised volumes of intellectual debates in this poem. In this era run on social media comments and angry emojis, one hopes the so-called powers-that-be will read, appreciate, and pay attention to this plea!

    • Amen! Although – to be fair – the ” … powers-that-be … ” are only so because we have bestowed that power unto them. Should we choose otherwise, we would be choosing a different outcome.

  • Ms. Farida Bamji appears to have thoroughly SCREENED AHURA-MAZDA, which is a fantacy. LORD ALL MIGHTY has decided our parents & thus our religion. These are NOT the matter of CHOICE for us. CONVERSION from one Religion to another, as also, going against the TENETS of GOD GIVEN RELIGION are nothing but DISOBEDIENCE. Are you holier than THOU…? Best is to study one’s own Religion & walk THAT PATH ONLY — YOU ARE NOT WISER THAN AHURA-MAZDA.

    • I’m sorry you feel this way. I would, though, draw your attention to the poem being in response to a Zoroastrian woman who was excommunicated because she married outside the religion (as clarified earlier). Her parents didn’t change … she didn’t change her faith … but OTHERS in the Zoroastrian community took it upon themselves to CHOOSE for HER. If this is truly not a matter of choice, then who are those who chose for her? This – to me – is unacceptable & certainly not in line with the values of our faith. I would also gently wish to remind you that Zarathustra HIMSELF converted many in what was once our homeland … had he not, then there would have been NO ONE on those ships bound for India to escape persecution – Zoroastrianism would simply not exist!

  • Zinnia Mehta Khajotia

    RDS – In 1987 I published & privately circulated a 22-page booklet of interesting facts on Zoroastrianism at my daughter’s Navjote. Our revered & most studied family priest, the late Ervad Peshotan Peer, did the proof-reading and corrected me thus: that Zoroaster did not “convert” the people! King Vishtasp ORDERED that Zoroastrianism become the religion of Iran. And Ervad Peer, a known conservative, continued…that tomorrow if all of Iran said “Maaree Navjote karo!” he would, as they were all born Mazdayasnis. I too believe we should follow the religion of our birth, but that has not prevented me from imbibing some Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic beliefs! And those of various philosophers.

    • How very interesting! I can certainly see how if King Vishtasp ordered that Zoroastrianism become the religion of Persia, that it sits differently. I can also, however, openly wonder that for King Vishtasp to be so taken with the teachings of our beloved Zoroaster, he must have – himself – been “converted” from his previous mindset (whatever that may have been), and into the belief that these were teachings of the highest order!

      • Yezdyar S Kaoosji

        Of course, that is a valid point about conversion of King Vistasp! If you take the discussion to its conclusion we can confidently say – if there was no conversion the holy Prophet Zarathustra would have been the first and the last Zoroastrian!

      • Goodness – that is absolutely correct! Thank you for drawing attention to the natural & logical source itself! I really appreciate you sharing this with us.

  • “SORRY”, are you, really ? I really pity you for exhibiting your lack of knowledge of our Religion. Now a days, it is a fashion with some Parsees to contradict the knowledgeable Parsees to gain cheep popularity amongst the so called ‘reformists’. One has to follow the Principles & tenets of one’s Lord-given Religion. One who has studied Zarathushtrianism would know that after marrying out of caste; it is impossible to follow our religion. A very simple example is :- that person CANNOT PERFORM KASTI RITUAL IN THE PRESENCE OF A NON-PARSI IN THE HOUSE & there are various other reasons for which the person is just not fit to stick & follow tenets of Zarathushtrianism. When one choses carnal pleasures over spiritual progress; one should not grumble about being ex-communicated. Request, to study a subject properly; before speaking or expressing openion.
    Roossi Talati

    • I am sincerely & truly sorry you feel the way you do; it genuinely saddens me that ones thinking is so limited that one would prefer the end of our faith due to what appears to be dogmatism & false pride. I am so fortunate to have been blessed into a family who brought alive the tenets of our beautiful faith via example, and with my many years spent probing deeply into our religion’s beliefs vs. facts, I am qualified to have an opinion. The example you have given may be correct; however, there are many things one would ostensibly not wish to perform in front of another – one’s morning ablutions, for instance. A kasti ritual may thus be performed in private. Furthermore, our hearts ought to know that God is LOVE; therefore reducing the love one has for his/her partner to mere ” … carnal pleasures … ” may be construed as quite offensive. Spiritual progress is a choice one makes through the pure intention of ones mind, heart & soul; it is the personally relationship with our beloved Ahura Mazda that inspires this. I respect your views as I have re-inspected them; while they may be appropriate for you, they fall short of the true essence of what our faith is to me. Unless our beloved Ahura Mazda clearly anoints those who may dictate such exclusion, no mere mortal has the right to impose their thinking on another. It was unfortunately this very dogma that resulted in us being persecuted & having to flee our homeland … it is therefore unthinkable to me that we should do the same to the followers of our OWN faith.

  • In short Zoroastrianism stands for Equality Universality treating people with Dignity Respect understanding. If one doesn’t believe than enjoy the misery wars violence bigotry rape Murder hatred that’ being played out

  • I beg to differ dear Roossi. When one’s life on Earth is done there is no distinction between colour caste or religion. One is just a lonely old soul awaiting judgement.One will not be given special treatment because one is a soul of a Zoroastrian. Give it some thought. Everyone is equal on the same playing field.
    Zoroastrianism stands for: Justice & Equality for All

  • Dear all,
    The GOAL IS ONE; BUT, to achieve that, the prescribed paths are separate/different.
    Perhapse, ours is the only Religion that has spoken about other four Religions on this EARTH. Each have prescribed different PRINCIPALS/TENETS TO FOLLOW TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL.
    You say ” Zoroastrian stands for : justice & Equality for all ” . Tell me, which Religion stands for opposite of this ? Every Religion have their principles & tenets to follow; better, stick to them —- we are no wiser than Lord Almighty !
    Once again, REQUEST, proper study and practice of our Zarathushtrianism. It is very very wast subject — science of all sciences.
    Roossi Talati.

  • I leave it to you judje

  • Muslims: can’t go out in public without a burkha Must take permission from a male relative
    Women can not work ( Aghanisan)
    Men must wear a beard
    Christianity observe Lent. Etc
    We have the Freedom to Choose . We have Choice
    Understood dear Roosi

  • “We have choice…..” WHAT CHOICE ?!?!
    PROPHET ZARATHUSHTRA has declared, to either follow His teachings or to be with the Devil; in that context He asked us to CHOOSE. In other words to make a choice between right & wrong. Not to make choices in everything according to our convenience. Understand it the correct way, my dear lady Farida.
    Roossi, and not Roosi, Talati.

    • Yezdyar S Kaoosji

      Roossi. Hope I got your name correct! The more you elaborate on your theories the deeper you are sinking in credibility.

      You have now given everyone the choice… to chose what YOU Want us to choose!

      Tamaam Shud!

  • His Teachings are Equality Universality Inclusion treat people with respect and Dignity. Not look down upon others just because one is not A Zoroastrian. Example how Gangas Nassasars mochi are treated

  • Couldn’t agree more….We need to understand this because today’s children are much more independent and are able to distinguish between blind orthodoxy and liberal but enlightened philosophy. Our unsuccessful attempts at trying to retain ethnic purity are backlashing in terms of driving the youth away from the community both in thought as well as through inter caste marriages

  • Orthodoxy is NOT BLIND. Parsees who turn blind eye to our RELIGIOUS SCRIPTURES remain ignorant.
    And, one more thing, Religion is no philosophy — it is the WAY OF LIFE, SCIENCE OF ALL SCIENCES.
    Please spare time & effort for the STUDY OF ZARATHUSHTRIANISM.

  • Hear No Evil See No Evil Hear No Evil

  • Lead one’s life the way one wants as once your life on earth is done, your soul will not having a slew of lawyers or attorneys fighting your case. You will have to face it alone1

  • Zoroastrianism is beset with Racism Discrimination Bigotry & Exclusion by the So Called Keepers of Our Faith

  • May be we will expose the Racism Discrimination Bigotry 7 Exclusion in a 2 hr documentary on TV

  • Especially the Zoroastrian Association of Houston the 2000 conference ( the selection committee)

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