“Martini Shaken Not Stirred

Feelings of love & hatred
Is like a ” martini
Shaken not stirred”
But where humanity
Is concerned
Line between them
Is totally blurred

Mixing vodka and
Orange juice in society
Is Totally acceptable
But, mixing hate
As well love
Is totally combustible

Hatred is like a Tsunami
Destroying everything
In its path through
War violence murder rape
Destroying lives of innocent people
Like having a chokehold over them
Till they have breathed
Their last

Love is like a
Bottle of perfume
When we spray
A scented misty
Aroma fills the room
Dispelling the
Gloom & the doom

Lastly, I would
Like to state
Let’s cross the street
By trading Hate
For Love

Choicest Happiness
Farida Bamji
Feb 16th 2022


  • peston glenn subawalla

    well said.

  • I do very much enjoy your poetry!

  • Dear RDS

    I am truly humbled & honoured by your feedback back
    If you wish me to post you poems then send m we your email.

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  • “He Who Laughs Last, Laugh the Best”

  • Dear Farida

    Here it comes:

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    Look forward of receiving your information soon, as we are running out of time. Thank you.



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